11 Social Media Marketing Tips for Personal Trainers

Social media marketing is the best option to showcase your fitness skills & achievements to the outside world. By having an effective social media presence, you can link your services to the right audience.

Today every fitness business is planning to have a strong online presence. It is crucial to implement smart & ethical tips to stand ahead of the heavy competition.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top social media marketing tips in making your training center highly visible among the prospective aspirants. By the end of the blog, you will get a better understanding of how to cultivate a great social media presence.

Let’s dive in.

1. Maintain a Dedicated Account

Being a personal trainer, it is imperative to maintain a dedicated professional account on every social media channel. As your private account will target only your private followers, you can have a separate business account to promote your training studio.

With the help of a business account, you can implement the appropriate marketing strategies to the relevant audience using efficient key demographics. Then, you will notice your training studio profile flying at greater heights in the online space.

2. Pick the Potent Social Media Channel

Today, there are an enormous number of social media channels but make sure that you are active on the right channel to attract a larger crowd of audience. Instagram & Twitter are the perfect platforms if you want to target audiences aged from 24 to 35, and if you want to target adults aged from 35 to 44 Facebook & LinkedIn are the best channels. Make sure you do not overwhelm your audiences by posting similar content on over three social media channels.

3. Post Content Strategically

Content is a powerful tool that easily grabs the attention of your website visitors. S You should post content regularly but with certain constraints. Instead of concentrating only on your brand advertising all the time, you can also share funny posts, posts on social causes, motivational quotes, informative content, fitness tips, nutritional diet menu, etc. By posting this, there are greater chances to gradually boost the interest levels of the audiences at your brand.

Furthermore, drive positive results by posting content at the right time. For instance, if you target working people then posting before 10 am and after 5 pm will be a good option. Evening 3 pm will be the right option for targeting school & college students.

4. Join with a Social Media Influencer

According to a report from Twitter states that 49% of consumers rely on the recommendations of brands shared by the influencers for their purchases. Therefore, posting content collaborating with a popular social media influencer for a workout video will enhance your visibility in the digital space.

Influencers have a powerful social media presence, immense fans following, etc. By combining with such an influencer you can expand credibility about your fitness center among the audiences.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

Usage of hashtags in social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter is an effective tool to reach a sizable crowd of potential audiences. One best way to grab the attention of your audience is by optimizing the fitness-related hashtags like #transformationtuesday that can be used for posting the transformation photos of your clients, #wellnesswednesday that can be used for providing nutrition advice, diet tips, etc.

By following a specific concept for these hashtags, you can make your audience look forward to more posts. Ensure to use the most popular hashtags relevant to your posts for driving traffic to your training website.

6. Spread the Acquired Results

Social media channels are the best platforms for showing your clients’ great results of losing & gaining weight, maintaining body fitness and more. Real-time transformation stories have a huge impact on increasing the trust-worthy factor of your studio. Therefore, these transformation photos gain more attention on social media platforms.

You can make a documentary about your clients’ training experiences, reviews, etc and post them on your social media page. By doing this, you can show the new visitors that you can deliver positive results in no time and encourage the audience to reach your services!

7. Provide Online Training Services

Today, online fitness training is playing a huge role in social media. With the help of online training services, you can communicate with a massive group of local & global audience. You can provide online services such as providing nutrition plans, hosting fitness programs, lifestyle coaching, and more. You can post about these services on your social media pages for attracting a wide range of audiences. Also, you can post live videos of training on social media platforms. Being an expert personal trainer, your fitness skills will make you fly high in the online space.

8. Engage your Audience

According to SmartInsights, 51% of users would unfollow a social media brand if they post irritating content and 27% of users would mark the brand as spam. The best way to engage your audience is possible by posting interactive content, responding to their comments, answering fitness related queries, hosting live Q and A sessions, etc. These activities will keep your existing audience and automatically incline the potential audience to use your training services.

9. Incorporate Call-to-Action on Every Post

Incorporating effective call-to-action in your posts is one of the great ways to provide easy access to your training services. Including call-to-action buttons at the end of your posts is the best way to register your brand & services in the users’ memory.

For instance, if you are providing personal training sessions at your fitness studio, you can advertise these services to people by posting content on this service and include a call-to-action button at the bottom of your post. This can be your contact number, email, social media account links and other mediums that will support prospective audiences to reach you.

10. Keep Tracking Your Metrics

It is possible to own a successful social media profile with consistent marketing practices. It will not happen in a day, but with regular efforts. Keep tracking your social media analytics periodically so you will understand the status of your online training business. Implement various marketing techniques and find out the best practice that works out. The best marketing practice will increase the number of likes, shares, comments for your posts, and will increase the number of followers.

11. Hire a Social Media Expert

Marketing trends keep changing regularly so always stay updated on the trends. If you find it difficult to boost your social media presence on your own, you can hire an experienced digital marketing team. They use various proven strategies to grow your online fitness business to great heights via social media marketing.


So by now, you would have got an idea on how to expand the reach of your fitness studio in the online space. You can implement the above tips in your social media marketing to build a masterpiece in the digital world.

There are so many ways to get help for implementing the marketing tips & tactics but we would recommend the ideal way of hiring a social media expert which turns out to be a profitable investment option for your business enhancement.

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Which social media channels are you using for promoting your online fitness business? Share in the comments box below.

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