How to Name Your New Online Small Business?

Today, we are here to prove Shakespeare wrong. 

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell as sweet.” once asked Shakespeare in his passionate play, Romeo and Juliet. He is suggesting that names themselves do not hold worth nor meaning, and they simply act as labels to distinguish one thing from another. 

However, the name of your business is the first thing any client will notice. So, it needs to create an impact on whoever sees it.

There is no such thing as a small, no-brainer decision. Each step can and will mostly have a lasting impact on how your business moves ahead. We have figured out a way to name your brand new small business.

Here are some essential factors you need to consider to choose a name for your new online biz.

By Available Website Domain

  • Since it’s an online business, there has to be a website. And since we need a website, there will be a domain name for the website. 
  • Now, this domain name should ideally be the name of your business. 
  • Therefore, while choosing a name, we need to see if the domain name is available or not. Or else all your hard work of going through so many different options will mount to nothing if someone is already using it. 
  • You can also check for some of the domain names already created by someone else and are up for grabs. If that domain name suits your business, you can save yourself a lot of hassles. 

For a small business, money matters too. So, while picking a domain name, which will also be the business name, try to find the perfect balance for you between a good name and a reasonable price for you. You wouldn’t want to compromise on either.

Why do you think we named our brand smallbusinessweb

By Target Market

  • Who does your small business cater to? Does your small business serve kids, teenagers, adults? The answer to that question will tell you what kind of a name you are looking for. 
  • For example, the name can be a little playful for kids, while for adults, it can be a little more sophisticated and elegant if it suits your business style. 

The more you know about your customers, the better we can grab their attention and cater to their needs. If you can connect with the right audience, you can turn your reach to clients. 

If you don’t know where and how to start with your market research, then can help you right from the beginning to make your website to elevate it to the next level.

By Use Case of Your Business

  • Your business could be personal trainers, beauty & spa, consultants, solopreneurs, or something completely different. It can really be anything. 
  • The use-case of your business and how it serves customers has all the ideas to give you for the name. 
  • It is a no-brainer, for instance, if your small business is an online bakery, then the name for your business should hint that it is a bakery. You can play along with the various terms involved in baking.

All your branding, marketing, website designing, selection of the name for the business, everything has to be relevant to your business and what it does for your audience.

Identify Your USP

There are so many people doing what you do; what sets you apart?

  • If you are starting an online bakery or an online spa service, so many others provide the same services as you in the same geographical area. So, how do you differentiate yourself from others? 
  • You put forth your USP, i.e., your unique selling proposition. What is it that you do that no one else does? Once you figure that out, you can build the name of your business along those lines. 
  • Identifying your USP early on in the journey also helps you maintain perspective throughout. It can help you shape your entire business module as well. 

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors are a great way to analyze the market and traverse it. 

  • Deep research of your competitors will give you many lessons on the dos and don’ts of your business niche. 
  • It can also help you find out what kinds of names could work and what names don’t. Just because you have done the research doesn’t mean something doesn’t work for sure. But it gives you a fair idea and a firm ground to stand on while starting the business. 

You can concentrate on your core business and don’t have to analyze your competitors or identify your USP. For that, our professionals at are here for you. 

So, these are some of the tips to help you pick out a name for your small business. Don’t overcomplicate it; keep it simple and relevant, and you will surely find a name that suits your business. 

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Manav Gupta
About the Author - Manav Gupta

Manav Gupta is a full-time CopyWriter at Small Business Web, where he works to benefit both professionals & enthusiasts in the field of Digital Marketing, Branding & Web Development by creating engaging content. Prior to joining Small Business Web, Manav was responsible for managing & executing content projects ranging from sales collateral to web content, ad copy to letters, business proposals to sales plans, and training manuals.

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