Why Should Brand Color Matter for New Online Businesses

An unknown brand receives as much attention as the rainbow on a rainy day by a blind person. They exist yet are not visible to the naked eyes of the observers.   

The above assertion opens up interesting viewpoints on how global brands maintain their public identities by playing around with colors to the perfection – Apple is white, Coke is red, Cadbury is purple, and Google is colorful as a rainbow. 

Consumers make instinctive purchasing decisions based on the brand color psychology. In fact, colors alone can influence up to 90% of the initial impression.

Brand Color For New Online Business (Types Of Color Combination)- SmallBusinessWeb
  • Complementary color combinations – create contrast and make for high-impact, legible brand designs.
  • Analogous color combinations – create a sense of harmony and balance, one color dominates and the others support its depth.
  • Triadic color combinations – create rich and vibrant color combinations by simply picking three colors that are evenly spaced out.

Red invokes a proactive and excitable response while White expresses superiority, and Purple brings sophistication and elegance to the senses. Popular brands choose Blue to associate themselves with trust, security, and confidence. Environment-friendly brands project themselves in Green as it takes the consumers back to nature for its serenity, generosity, and safety. Brown could mean ruggedness and durability. 

Implementing Brand Color Psychology is Affordable

With small businesses investing in online sales & marketing channels, the branding color scheme technique must be applied beyond just logo designing but to create outstanding visuals for brochures, banners, flyers, business cards, e-books and many more. 

One economical way to customize your graphics designing requirements based on carefully thought branding color psychology is through smallbusinessweb.co. Our designing package starts from $179 and offers highly customizable infographics, blog images, social media image posts and more. Drop a quick inquiry here

How To Adapt a Suitable Logo Color Scheme for New Online Businesses?

In digital color, cyan, magenta, and yellow are the primary hues as opposed to the usual red, yellow, and blue. Here are three basic rules of digital color mixing: 

  • Adding white values lightens the pure color, creating a tint. 
  • Values of black darken a color to create shades. 
  • Adding values of black and white – creates tones that are lighter and mildly shaded.

EXPERT TIP: The higher values of white showcase positive associations with sophistication and sincerity and the bright saturated colors bring in positive associations with exciting or rugged brands.

Improve your color branding vocabulary

  • Pure color = hue
  • Pure color + white = tint
  • Pure color + black = shade
  • Pure color + gray = tone

Getting Affordable Support for Small Business Logo Design

It is fascinating to note how human psychology plays a hidden yet decisive role in associating a particular color with certain sensations, moods, smells, tastes, or sounds. And here our lead designer suggested a descriptive logotype in the form of a propelling rocket symbolizing smallbusinessweb.co as a launchpad for strengthening presence of new online business.

Our logo and color scheme is designed with a philosophy to project ourselves as a full house web development & digital branding company that will help transform online businesses to look professional and scale up. The logo is made in a combination of dark pink and purple to create a playful yet trustworthy impression. 

We’re sure the logo sparked the same thought in your minds! Avail of our graphic design services and we will help to convey your brand message to your target audience at the best-in-class price. 

Manav Gupta
About the Author - Manav Gupta

Manav Gupta is a full-time CopyWriter at Small Business Web, where he works to benefit both professionals & enthusiasts in the field of Digital Marketing, Branding & Web Development by creating engaging content. Prior to joining Small Business Web, Manav was responsible for managing & executing content projects ranging from sales collateral to web content, ad copy to letters, business proposals to sales plans, and training manuals.

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