How Not To Partner With A Digital Agency: Lessons For The New Online Small Business

Small Business Digital Agency Partnership Guide - SmallBusinessWeb

BAD IDEA: Saying YES to Starter Packs

Let’s spill out some beans here. As a digital agency catering to small businesses, we are forced to attract clients by offering bundled services in form of starter packs at an attractive price. For instance, 

  • Our logo design pricing packages for small businesses starts from $195 and we offer 4 Concepts, 3 Round Revisions, Vector File Transfer, 1 Dedicated Designer, Unlimited Iterations, Layered Vector File Handover, Scalable and Color Palette Document.
  • Our digital marketing pricing packages for small business starts from $478 and we offer Initial Review & Analysis, Local Search Optimization, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page optimization, Social Media Marketing, SEO Plugin, Google Location Map, XML Sitemap, URL Submission in SEs’ and Google Analytics
  • Our graphic design packages for small business starts from $279 and includes Email Template Design, Infographics, 3 Social Media Designs, Landing Page Design, 1 Dedicated Designer, Layered source file handover, Proper Communication, 1-2 Day Turnaround and Unlimited Iterations.
  • To top it all, our website packages for small business costs $679 with Responsive Design, SEO Semantic Code, Blogs (Migration if revamp), SEO Plugin, Google Location Map, XML Sitemap, URL Submission in SEs’ and Google Analytics.

As lucrative as these services are in an affordable price range, every small business has unique requirements and expectations. And many a time, starter packs fail to serve their purpose. With small business digital marketing agency custom packages, you will be able to create an active presence for your new startup or small business online. In providing custom options, agencies have more bandwidth to help you select the essential features based on your budget and business goals. Kick-start your new digital journey with our small business digital marketing packages.

BAD IDEA: Choosing Niche-Based Digital Agencies Over Full-Service Agencies

If you are new to online business, high chances are you are unaware of pertinent marketing & designing requirements to grow your new online digital business. At this moment, when you choose to hire the services of a digital agency to grow your online business, we recommend you chose a full-service digital agency over a niche-based digital agency for the following reasons: 

  • It is cost-effective to outsource the entire marketing and technical maintenance team to a reliable full-service agency. 
  • A full-service agency offers multiple and scalable solutions for long-term benefits for your new digital business. For example, it will not shy away from running PPC campaigns on your immediate requirement along with ongoing SEO or content marketing campaigns. 
  • A full-service agency is a one-stop-shop solution for multiple digital services. It makes coordination easier for small businesses that are new and growing in the digital space. 

Niche-based agencies cater mostly to well-established companies who know exactly what they want and best to fulfill their “remote staffing” needs. 

BAD IDEA: Micro Managing Campaigns and Strategies

Partnering with a digital agency is like extending your small business into remote teams. And when it comes to managing teams, researchers have time and again noted that micromanagement is one of the top three reasons for declining productivity. Teams run by a micromanager often lack autonomy and are regularly in conflict with their own inability to do anything beyond what is assigned or approved. 

The best approach when partnering with a digital agency is to let them utilize their talent pool to churn out maximum creative ideas rather than restricting them to a single brief.

Your attention to detail, whether you’re running a service-based business or building a product, is probably the very thing that makes your new digital business stand out in the market. 

But think over it – whether or not should you sweat the small stuff?
Remember why you chose to partner with a digital agency?

Because you lack time and resources to develop an in-house design or marketing personnel. You also chose them because of their understanding of your business and added years of practice in a similar niche. 

BAD IDEA: Deciding Based on Client Portfolio Alone

Agency’s client base talks a lot about their experience and potential. 

However, when looking at the client base – your focus should be less on understanding their client base and more on the goals that they have achieved for their clients through their strategies. 

This will be possible only through in-depth interaction with the solutions partner at the agency. 

The best strategy here is to not get bowled over by big-name clients BUT to look out for more unfamiliar names because working with more unfamiliar name clients determines the true potential as a digital agency.

Small Business Digital Agency Partnership Benefits - SmallBusinessWeb

A word of caution. Partnering with a digital agency is not a one-time affair but a strategic investment for long-term results. By strategic investment, we mean a full-service digital agency like SmallBusinessWeb that gives regular feedback on the campaigns and devises a scalable website strategy as your business grows. 

And that’s how you should partner with a digital agency! 

Get in touch with our core expert team to devise a long-term digital strategy. 

Manav Gupta
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