Personal Identity Logos for Inspiration 

What’s exactly a personal logo? It’s just as how we’ve a name as our identity… 

Individual personal businesses are booming nowadays, in fact there are 1.2 billion+ freelancers all over the world as of 2021. So, perhaps thousands of others offer similar logo design services for small business as you do. Your customized logo design for small business is the defining feature that sets you apart.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the benefits, tips, and examples of personal logo to guide you in designing yours.    

Let’s get started. 

1. What is a Personal Identity Logo and Why do You Need One?

Brand’s personal logo reveals “Who you are” to the world. An identity to the freelancing work you do as a writer, graphic designer (or) small consultancy, photography, or any small business you run from home. 

Your personal logo defines you as a brand…IF YOU’VE A PERSONAL BRAND, YOU’LL NEED A PERSONAL LOGO! 

Any brand elements like website, color choice, mission statement, and ad copies, can do effective branding, why is it specific logo? 

Because a logo is, 

  • In a visual format
  • Versatility – Placed anywhere you represent your brand, on a website, social media profile, flyers, brochures, and whatnot

Logos are powerful brand elements that you cannot take for granted. When done right, it can yield these perks to your personal business. 

  • Credibility 
  • Authenticity
  • Attention-grabbing
  • First impression 
  • Recognition

2. Examples of Personal Identity Logos

Without a logo for your business, you cannot retain it in customers’ minds, they will not recognize your brand, and someday they’ll forget you. There are thousands of personal logo designs, and taking inspiration from them will help you make a decision for yours. 

Many global brands like Rolls Royce, Netflix, Twitter, etc. have logos that people easily recall and possibly decode the message behind the design. 

Brand’s message, vision, mission, logo, business card, visuals, color choice, website, social media profiles, and everything is accountable for a logo design. 

Here, we’re sharing with you a few do’s and don’t’s you must consider while designing your personal logo.

Do’s in a Personal Logo Design 

  • Deeply analyze what is your specialization/passion
  • Use your names, acronyms, product names, or any element for your logo
  • Make sure your logo doesn’t replicate your nearby competitors’ logos
  • Sketch the meaningful logo designs that come to your mind with a pen and pencil
  • Show a little uniqueness in your logo
  • Stick onto a versatile design that fits on your social media accounts, ads, products, business cards, pamphlets, packaging, and so on.

Don’t’s in a Personal Logo Design

  • Avoid cliche in your logo
  • Don’t pick a complicated style 
  • Don’t choose a confusing color palette/shades
  • Leaving your logo untouched for generations will make it look outdated

To design your personal logo, you can pull in your personal name, product, website name, message, or any of your brand element that expresses your distinct personality making you pop up from the crowd.  

Points to remember while designing a personal logo 

  • Simple design
  • Easy-to-remember
  • Unique & creative
  • Appealing to users
  • Easy to pronounce

There are multiple ways to design your own personal logo.

1. Try out AI-powered tools


  • Quick & instant logo designs in a matter of minutes
  • Both free and paid versions can be availed


  • Lacks uniqueness
  • Advanced features can be accessed only in the paid version

When can You Opt for? 

  • To get some logo design ideas
  • Just to begin with your works
  • For temporal purposes 

2. Use design software


  • Satisfaction is guaranteed
  • Customize in the way you like


  • Need design expertise
  • Takes more time to complete

When can You Opt for? 

  • Idea and design should solely be your own

Give it to a professional designer


  • Professional and creative
  • Can assist you whenever you’re looking for changes
  • Designs a logo that exactly defines your brand message
  • Aware of the typefaces, color psychology, and so on


  • Understanding in your requirements can be a challenge at times
  • End-up choosing a wrong partner rarely 

When can You Opt for? 

  • Lacks expertise in logo designing
  • Give your logo a unique look-and-feel

In all 3 ways, there are perks as well as perils. 

  • If you’re looking for a temporary logo just to begin with your business, then make use of these tools
  • If you want a logo designed on your own, then think about choosing a design software
  • To give your logo, a unique look-and-feel, you must definitely look up to a graphic designer

We’ve just shown the merits and demerits from a high-level view. Making a decision is completely your call. If you’re confused about not knowing what to do, you can take free consultations from our SmallBusinessWeb team. We also offer affordable logo design pricing packages for small businesses catered to your specific needs.

Feel free to send a message or give us a call at +19192345140. After getting clarity on your expectations & objectives, we’ll guide you in the right direction. 🙂  

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