How to Choose Logo Designer & Graphics Designer for Cafe? (Cost Included)

How many times have we checked out a brand with a stunning logo design and felt the urge to buy from it? 

A simple glance at the stunning logo design can make customers feel the urge to walk into Coffee Shops & Bakeries, Candy Stores, Desserts Shops, Food Trucks, or Fine Dining Restaurants. 

This applies in the online world too. 

A professionally tailored logo design for small business helps identify a company or product while ordering food online. Or thoughtfully designed graphics for social media campaigns for small business keep followers engaged and craving more!

Updated Logo Design & Graphics Design Price List for Bakery & Cafes

Budget Logo Design Price List:

DIY /  Logo makers: $0 – $50

Customizing a logo template: $5 – $100

Logo Contests / Crowdsourcing: $50 – $500

Small Design Agency: $200 – $10,000+ (like – includes branding guide

Mid-Range Logo Design Costs:

Offshore Designer: $100 – $250

Beginner Freelancer: $100 – $1000

Experienced Freelancer: $1000 – $5,000

Mid-Sized Agency: $5000 – $50,000+

High-End Logo Design Pricing:

Branding Agency: $50,000 – $100,000  (usually includes strategy & global brand identity)

Renowned Branding Agency: $100,000 – $1,000,000+

The cost of a logo or graphic design for any Bakery & Cafe business will differ depending on the requirements, if it’s a rebranding, the amount of research & strategy required to put in by the agency, the size of the business and so much more.

As the need for a Bakery logo designer or graphic designer for Cafes is already established, we will help you how to choose one for the best results.  

Choosing a Niche-based Bakery & Cafe Logo Designing Agency

Here are important things you should look into a designer before hiring them: 

  • Understanding their design process
  • Business professionalism
  • Type of questions they ask you in the prospect call
  • Price reflective of value
  • Customer appreciation for their service

We believe successes and failures or even special mention awards do not paint a complete picture. It is the process that your prospective designer adopts and the professionalism that they display that must determine your hiring decision. 

You would have referred to the price list above. 

While DIY logo makers are popular, businesses should look to engage professional design agencies to receive unique designs. Why you may ask? 

The benefits of Professional logo designs include

  • Proven experience in determining the right font and color 
  • Unique designs, if not superior to your competitors 
  • Copy-right free designs with some providing unlimited revisions
  • Design output in correct formats with multiple variations at the cost of one

And if the design agency is someone like, you can get a logo designed professionally at an affordable price for as low as USD 325. 

What files should you receive at the end of the project? 

At the end of the design project, you should be receiving:

  • Logo design (color) in vector format
  • Logo design (black & white) in vector format
  • Vertical logo lockup
  • Horizontal logo lockup
  • Square lockup (for social profile images)
  • Different file formats (Ideally JPG, PNG, EPS)
  • Stationery design files + any other designed files
  • Style Guide (outlining fonts, colors, etc

Branding for Bakery & Cafe is Beyond Logo Designing

BRANDING cannot be equated to LOGO designing alone.

Consumers are becoming more health conscious today. The demand for vegan products, more gluten-free, low-carbohydrate, whole grain, organic, and paleo diet products is on the rise. Buyers also substitute baked goods with nuts, yogurt and fruit bars.

In this case, Bakery & Cafe businesses looking to attract an online audience require to build a relevant brand story and also look to create a loyal group of followers. 

Social media is a potent tool for this. We will have more on social media & its relevance to Bakery & Cafe businesses in our upcoming blogs. So stay tuned! 

Bakery & Cafe business branding comes under different pricing criteria. If you’re looking for social media promotion activities, you need a banner design or infographics, simply said content marketing and social media branding at affordable package. 

And if the design agency is someone like, you can get professionally designed graphics at affordable logo design pricing packages for small businesses catered to your specific needs.

What to Look for in a Bakery & Cafe Design Agency? 

A professional designing agency will follow a specific process for Bakery & Cafe businesses as summarized below:

  • Design Brief: Collecting as many business details to understand your requirement through a questionnaire or a video call during onboarding. 
  • Research: Referring to best practices and collecting inspiration from competitor bakery & cafe businesses and also believing in demographic analysis of the market.
  • Sketching & Concepts: The real magic starts here. Usually, design agencies like ours have dedicated designers working for every client. This ensures reliability. 
  • Unlimited Iterations: The logos are presented & revised as needed. These steps are repeated until completed.

We leave you with our recommended choice of design colors for your Bakery & Cafe small business. We also offer small business logo design services at affordable packages. For more insights, contact our team.

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