15 Top Small Business Websites Built With Divi Builder

Today, the small business industry is booming at a greater level. Being top small business owners, you need a well-organized website for promoting your small business to a vast group of people and to stay ahead of the crowd of competitors.

One of the best ways to build attractive websites is by using the Divi page builder. The Divi builder, coupled with its in-built modules, makes it possible for many web designers and tech-savvy people to create fully functional, responsive, and SEO-friendly websites. If you’re a small business looking for professional assistance, consider partnering with a Small business web development company to harness the power of tools like Divi for your online presence.

There are a lot of websites built with Divi website builders. In this blog, we have rounded up 13 various small business websites, built with Divi, that do a good job of communicating with the web visitors.

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Best Small Business Websites Built With Divi Page builder

1. J Tech Solar

J Tech Solar website is well-designed using Divi builder with attractive images, videos, color, parallax, font, etc. The site covers a tagline, company details, clickable contact information in its full-screen video background. Also, it includes a call-to-action menu in a vertical format. Following this is a full-screen background image with an attractive text cutout designed using positive and negative spaces.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(J Tech Solar) - SmallBusinessWeb

2. RadAmBhf

RadAmBhf Divi website has a call-to-action menu for reservation in the top right corner. The hero slider includes column split-screen with background images and products. It displays services offered with images and elegant gold highlights. The effective use of gold highlights in the title and box section gives the site a rich look.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(RadAmBhf ) - SmallBusinessWeb

3. Fixheat

Fixheat website, built with Divi looks impressive with a full-screen blue background. The site covers logo, tagline, CTA’s, and icons of services provided in true parallax in row-type format. Large icons over a background image in true parallax show the services offered. Call-to-action is displayed over grey background.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(fixheat) - SmallBusinessWeb

4. Bank Southern

Bank Southern is one of the best website layouts built using the Divi builder. It displays an eye-catchy full-width hero image slider with a tagline, call-to-action, and login. The site lists the bank information and menu in two columns at full-width including images, buttons, texts, videos and more. The pages make the best use of toggling images. Tables with hover animation display the various account comparisons.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Southern Bancorp) - SmallBusinessWeb

5. Fus & Schuss

Fus & Schuss website developed by Divi builder is colorfully built with attractive and animated hero sliders that grasps the visitor’s attention. This one-pager website provides all the essential information such as services, about us, contact, etc. The site greatly uses color, backgrounds, fonts and more.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Fus&Schuss) - SmallBusinessWeb

6. Non-Standard Forms

Non-Standard Forms Divi website has a full-screen image with a logo in an overlay in true parallax. The site displays the services provided in a three-column section with large images in monochrome and styled links. The website displays testimonial slide in a full-width red print with true parallax background images and a contact form. Over different colored backgrounds, the portfolio page comprises all the services.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Non-Standard Forms) - SmallBusinessWeb

7. Doers

Doers is an excellent example of websites built with Divi. The site has a full-screen hero image with an overlay as the homepage. It shows a tagline and a button in the overlay. Minimal design and animated icons make the site appear as hand-drawn graphics and animated text. The best selection of color and font looks great with the website design.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Doers) - SmallBusinessWeb

8. Sardis Tire and Auto Works

Sardis Tire and Auto Works website developed by Divi has a full-screen image with tagline and call-to-action. The site includes a bold yellow background, a full-width hero image of instruments in the shop. It displays the link to the services provided using hover animation on the full-width section. The contact section uses a dark blue background with a contact form and a map.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Sardis Tire and Auto Works) - SmallBusinessWeb

9. Root of Life

Root of Life website has a white background with the hero background image that displays products and call-to-action buttons to sign up for the newsletter and to visit the shop. The blog section is categorized and designed properly. It is an excellent website built with Divi, specifically for e-commerce. The website is simple and has a clean design.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Root of Life) - SmallBusinessWeb

10. Maiden Jane

Maiden Jane, a Divi website uses a large and attractive logo design. The site has a full-screen image with the welcome message and call-to-action in parallax. It includes sections with images and backgrounds with links to the relevant pages. Logo, social media buttons, contact details are all customized on the footer. The pink background matches the branding.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Maiden Jane) - SmallBusinessWeb

11. Better Health by Heather

Better Health by Heather website built using Divi builder uses excellent photography and colors. The hero section has a full-width image with a newsletter and call-to-action. It separates services section into two sections – images with a colored bar on one side and site logo on one side. Branded bold colors usage give a rich look to the testimonial section and the blog section.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Better Health by Heather) - SmallBusinessWeb

12. East Coast Doors

East Coast Doors built with Divi builder shows a full-screen background image with a welcome message in an overlay and contact call-to-action in parallax. Website has a three column section that includes a list of sales info, call-to-action-buttons, and a footer to display the products. Navigation across the site is powered by Uber Menu and it shows products, product categories, and a contact form within the mega menu. The effective use of photography and interesting menus make the site more attractive.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(East Coast Doors) - SmallBusinessWeb

13. Woodyfuel

Woodyfuel website built with Divi builder gives a rustic feel. It uses a hero video slider with a section styling menu and hovers animated buttons that display icons on opposite sides of the buttons. The effective selection of color and fonts match the branding perfectly.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Woodyfuel) - SmallBusinessWeb

14. Vet Plus

Maiden Jane, a Divi website uses a large and attractive logo design. The site has a full-screen image with the welcome message and call-to-action in parallax. It includes sections with images and backgrounds with links to the relevant pages. Logo, social media buttons, contact details are all customized on the footer. The pink background matches the branding.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Vet Plus) - SmallBusinessWeb

15. Vin Walker

Vin Walker website is excellent proof that Divi is a great theme for authors. The slim menu provides a small and full-screen call-to-action which is also displayed on the hero section. Large single column sections show the novels, author info, and social media contact links.

Small Business Websites Divi Builder(Vin Walker) - SmallBusinessWeb


The Divi theme, coupled with the Divi Builder, is an amazing WordPress tool for creating well-organized websites. The flexible features of Divi attract a wider group of small business owners looking to build websites. Also, including Divi Builder enhances the look and feel of your website. If you’re a small business owner considering website development packages for small business, incorporating Divi can be a great choice to elevate your online presence.

Explore our affordable web development packages for small business, designed to boost your online presence and drive growth.

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Why do you prefer Divi Builder? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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