7 Must-Have Features for a Spa / Salon Website

Today, it is important to have a professional website for successfully promoting your beauty spa/salon. According to Clutch, 64% of small businesses like hair salons, beauty spas, etc have built their own website for online business promotion. Consider investing in Small Business Web Development to ensure your website is not only professional but also tailored to attract and engage your target audience effectively.

Establishing a robust online presence is essential for small businesses like spas and salons. Without an effective website, it is highly challenging to showcase your spa/salon’s brand, products, and services to potential customers. Good-looking spa/salon websites with customer-friendly features not only enhance your brand image but also serve as a crucial tool for success in the online space. Invest in a professional website for your small business today to unlock its full potential.        

Here, our team breaks out the must-have features of a professional spa/salon website. These outstanding features will capture the attention of your website visitors and provide the best user experience.             

Let us take a detailed look.

1. Appealing and Modern Theme

According to MightyFineDesign, 75% of customers admit to making judgments on a brand’s credibility based on their website design. Attractive themes give an appealing look to the website. Hence, it has a huge role in enticing your website visitors. Once you are aware of your beauty business’s requirements you can choose a relevant and appealing theme for your spa/salon website

themes Must-Have Features for a SpaSalon Website - Appealing and Modern - Small Business Web

Popular WordPress Themes for Beauty Spa/Salon Website



Curly is a well-known WordPress theme for beauty studio websites that attracts visitors with its stunning and creative visual design. It has premium features like WPBakery page builder plugin, WooCommerce integration, WPML support, smooth scrolling, mobile responsiveness, and many more.


Using this beautiful theme, you can create an appealing online presence for your spa/salon. It includes noteworthy features such as reservation management, spa services menu, wellness class schedule, responsive design, etc. 


Edema is one of the powerful WordPress themes for designing a good-looking spa/salon website. Online bookings, WooCommerce integration, mobile responsiveness, compatibility with plugins are some key features of the theme. 

These themes can be used for a website like hair salons, barbershops, wellness centers, massage service studios, and any other beauty and wellness niche related website. You can also go for a WordPress custom theme if you are not satisfied with pre-built templates. 

2. Search Functionality

search Must-Have Features for a SpaSalon Website - Search Functionality - Small Business Web

Spa / salon websites seem to be the quick solution provider platform for visitors. An internal search feature helps seekers to easily find relevant information that they are looking for on your website. According to SEO Advantage, 80% of site visitors will leave a site if the search function is poor. 

Autosuggest feature with the search functionality reduces the efforts of your site users and speeds up the search process. Also, you can include filtering options in the search bar so that users can categorize their search based on price, location, ratings, gender preference, and others. 

According to Econsultancy, around 30% of visitors use the site search box, and each of these users is showing a possible intent to purchase. Using the right analytics tool, you can collect valuable information about the users’ search intent. This analysis assists you in tailoring your website features according to the demands of the users. Site search is an interacting corner between you and your customers.

3. Dashboard/Account Management

account management Must-Have Features for a SpaSalon Website - Account Management - Small Business Website

According to Getapp, 97% of prospective business intelligence software buyers rate dashboards and scorecards as their key requirements. As we all know the dashboard feature is a key performance indicator on a website. It collects the data of the activities and provides an overall summary with charts, graphs, maps, or others. 

With an active dashboard feature in your spa/salon website, you can allow customers to get all the information related to their account in one quick glance. This overall report encourages your customers to manage the account efficiently. The dashboard must contain sections such as edit profile, booking history, last payment made, products purchased, and others.

Furthermore, by implementing the auto-updating feature in the dashboard you can help your clients keep track of their activities in your beauty spa / salon. Thus, the dashboard feature on your website can boost the reliability of your spa/salon.  

4. E-Commerce Functionality

ecommerce Must-Have Features for a SpaSalon Website - E-commerce Functionality - Small Business Web

In this tech-savvy environment, e-commerce is one of the best options to expand your revenue.  Effective e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, Weebly, Squarespace, etc offer the best solutions for marketing your beauty products and services online. Also, it makes you stand ahead of your competitors.   

According to Optinmonster, 93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online. Therefore, by applying e-commerce functionality on your website, you can sell beauty products and provide the services to your customers at their doorstep.  

5. Online Appointment Booking

appointment booking Must-Have Features for a SpaSalon Website - Online Appointment Booking - Small Business Web

Enhance the convenience of your spa/salon website by integrating online booking platforms. This strategic addition allows visitors to schedule appointments without the need to visit your physical studio. For instance, if a potential customer is interested in booking a manicure and pedicure service, they can simply navigate to your website, select their preferred service, confirm a date and time, make an online payment, and then arrive at your studio on the scheduled date. To implement such features seamlessly, consider exploring website development packages for small businesses. These packages can provide you with the tools and expertise needed to create a user-friendly and efficient online booking system that enhances the customer experience and drives business growth

Features such as intuitive front-end date and time picking systems, online payment gateways, email autoresponder setup, and many more will be highly appealing to your website visitors.

6. Clear and Precise Blog Section

blog section Must-Have Features for a SpaSalon Website - Blog Section - Small Business Web

Based on a report by Forbes, 34% of customers are more likely to make an unplanned purchase after receiving personalized content. Hence, a beauty website with impressive content offers better chances to boost your business revenue. Moreover, adding articles such as tips for maintaining skin tone, recommended shampoos, and conditioners for the different hair, steps for making homemade facial packs, and so on will convey your expertise to the readers. 

As your blogs provide amazing beauty tips and ideas to readers, it makes them stay connected with your brand and services. If you find it challenging to create rich content for blogs, then hire professional writers. We have written a detailed article on how to write an SEO friendly blog post, have a look to learn more.

7. Availability of Digital Gift Cards

gift card Must-Have Features for a SpaSalon Website - Digital Gift Cards - Small Business Web

According to Restaurant Technology News, the sales of digital gift cards will hit $698.2 billion by 2024. Gift cards feature on a spa / salon website has become a convenient marketing tool for promoting the online beauty business. Getneko reports that while physical gift card sales are up by 6%, online gift cards have exploded with a 200% increase in sales. 

Furthermore, digital gift cards market your beauty services to potential clients and easily collect the clients’ personal details including email id, phone number, etc. 

In your spa/salon website, you can either use a separate page or homepage for highlighting the digital gift card services. Include season time deals, promotion codes, conditions apply, and all the required details for claiming the gift cards. 

Winding Up

In this modern era, heading up to the physical studio for pre-bookings, payments, inquiries, etc has become unnecessary. These activities are carried out from a fully-fledged spa/salon website. 

When developing a website for your spa/salon, it’s crucial to prioritize the integration of the latest features and technologies. An outdated website can deter visitors, so it’s imperative to leverage enhanced features and technologies in your small business web design. Ensure your website includes key elements like price listings, a comprehensive list of services offered, an interactive map view, accurate business hours, links to your social media profiles, customizable gender preferences for your services, customer ratings, and an insightful brand overview. To achieve this, consider seeking out professional Small Business Web Design Services to create an appealing and functional online platform that sets your spa/salon apart

At Small Business Web Development Services, we have proficient spa/salon website developers and designers to create a fully functional website with the latest features. Feel free to reach our team or call us +1 (919) 234-5140. We are happy to extend our arm of support to you! 

Explore our affordable web development packages for small business, designed to boost your online presence and drive growth

Do you like to add any more features to this list? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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