Creating Social Walls on Your Website: How to + Creative Inspirations

Creating Social Walls on your Website: How to + Creative Inspirations encompass secret techniques to curate captivating virtual spaces and infuse your digital domain with an aura of friendliness and engagement.

Small businesses create social walls for increased engagement, real-time content display, UGC promotion, event promotion, brand awareness, storytelling, social proof, immersive experiences, data analysis, cross-platform aggregation, and gamification. It’s like adding a splash of enchantment to their online presence, creating stronger bonds with fantastic customers! Also, we need to have a skilled small business web design service to incorporate social media walls properly on your website.

What is a social media wall?

A social media wall is a digital display that showcases real-time content from various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s used at events to engage the audience, promote interaction, and increase brand visibility. The wall aggregates posts, photos, and videos, creating an interactive and visually appealing experience. Moderation filters out inappropriate content.

Creating Social Walls on your Website: How to + Creative Inspirations

Creating social walls on your small business website can be an excellent way to boost engagement and promote user-generated content.

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create social walls on your website

Choose a Social Media Aggregator Tool
  • Research and select a suitable social media aggregator tool for your small business
  • Consider factors like platform compatibility, features, customization options, pricing, and user reviews
  • Popular options include TINT,, Taggbox, and Juicer, among others
Sign Up and Connect Accounts
  • Create an account with your chosen social media aggregator tool
  • Connect the social media accounts from which you want to source content. You may connect platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc
  • Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to display user-generated content from these accounts
Design Your Social Wall
  • Customize the appearance of your social wall to match your small business website’s branding and design aesthetics
  • Choose the layout and arrangement of the content. Options may include grid layouts, masonry-style layouts, or slider-based displays
  • Customize the color scheme, font, and other design elements to create a seamless integration with your website
Set Moderation Rules
  • Establish moderation rules to filter out unwanted or inappropriate content. This step ensures that only relevant and suitable posts are displayed on your social wall
  • Decide on moderation keywords or criteria to approve or block specific content automatically
Generate Embed Code
  • Once you’ve configured the design and moderation settings, the social media aggregator tool will generate an embed code for your social wall
  • This code will allow you to seamlessly embed the social wall on your website
Embed on Your Website
  • Gain entry to your small business website’s backend or content management system (CMS)
  • Go to the page where you want the social wall to appear and paste the generated embed code into the HTML or an embed widget
  • Save and publish the changes to make the social wall live on your website
Test and Monitor
  • Preview the social wall on your small business website to ensure it’s displaying correctly
  • Monitor the social wall during the event, campaign, or ongoing promotion to ensure everything works smoothly and that content is updated in real-time

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Creative Inspirations of Social Walls

GoPro Challenge

During the rough year of 2020, when the coronavirus created devastation worldwide, GoPro found reason to celebrate amidst the confinement of home.

The company, known for its outdoor-centric focus, adapted its strategy and encouraged customers to welcome the wonders of indoor life. Introducing the innovative #HomePro challenge, GoPro rewarded individuals who created imaginative home videos with cash prizes.

The response was overwhelming, as millions of people from around the globe eagerly participated in the challenge. By sharing uplifting content during such uncertain times, GoPro effectively spreads pockets of positivity and inspiration.

Building on this success, GoPro continues to engage its customers with fresh challenges. They now urge users to capture thrilling footage of their favorite activities, whether indoors or outdoors. Participants are encouraged to upload their cherished photos, raw clips, and creative edits to be selected and rewarded with exciting perks, such as features on social media, top-notch GoPro gear, and cash awards.

Best Social Walls on Website Examples - SmallBusinessWeb
#NHMLEGO Campaign of London’s Natural History Museum with LEGO

The #NHMLEGO campaign, a collaboration between The LEGO Group and the Natural History Museum, has been launched. Its purpose is to invite schoolchildren to envision what life might be like in various parts of the universe.

The campaign presents four thrilling settings, drawing inspiration from actual moons or exoplanets within our galaxy. To make the experience even more engaging for school kids, the organizers have included examples of adaptations demonstrated by plants and animals on Earth. Also, they have provided information on how this activity aligns with the school curriculum.

To participate, participants are encouraged to explore and construct their own LEGO® Life Form capable of surviving in each of the four environments. It will require thoughtful consideration about the adaptations life might necessitate to thrive under those unique conditions. The best part is that participants can utilize any LEGO bricks or materials they have available at home.

Best Social Walls on Website Ideas - SmallBusinessWeb
DMEXCO Social Walls

The consistent integration of social walls by DMEXCO throughout the trade fair is truly awe-inspiring. They masterfully framed a dynamic atmosphere that stimulated interactivity and captivated attendees, whether physically present or connected in the virtual realm.

The innovative concept of presenting expansive social walls on a central, grand display during the event proved to be a stroke of brilliance. Its prominence effortlessly caught the attention of visitors, serving as a constant visual prompt to encourage them to participate and share their experiences using the official hashtags.

Bivac Solidari

The Bivac Solidari stands as a philanthropic organization with the primary objective of raising consciousness about the difficulty of the homeless as they endure the realities of sleeping under the night sky. Their social wall serves as a room of user-generated content from individuals who have personally undergone a bivouac experience to capture the nature of such conditions. A “bivouac” refers to the practice of slumbering outdoors, exposed to the elements.

Under the hashtag #vivacsolidario, they broadcast their profound encounters with a wider and more receptive audience, shedding light on the profound impact of their roofless nights.

Best Social Walls on your Website Examples (Bivac) - SmallBusinessWeb

Evolution Power Tools, a power tools enterprise, cleverly incorporates user-generated content and product presentations, giving its visitors the ability to visualize the appearance and functionality of their offerings in action.

Best Social Walls on your Website Ideas 
 (Evolution) - SmallBusinessWeb

Wrap Up

Creating social walls on your business website, as part of your small business web design, can revolutionize engagement and community-building. By following the guide and drawing from creative inspirations, you’ll connect with your small business audience, showcase user experiences, and bridge the gap between your brand and users. Incorporate the perfect digital marketing service or social media marketing service to boost your small business’s online presence. Utilize the power of social walls, fostering connections and leaving a lasting impact. Happy creating!

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