Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy for Bakeries

Presenting everything online is the latest trend in today’s digital age. Don’t you feel excited when a customer says “Your Insta page brought me here…” ? 

Yes, social media is an access and a platform to present you online efficiently.

Though there are a massive chunk of bakeries online, many struggle to increase their brand awareness. This article will help you to be significantly successful online. Business owners who are worried about missing out customers because of their cold online presence can utilize few popular strategies to grow their brand globally.

What Bakery Business can do to Make Their Social Media Presence Effective?

For promoting your bakery business via social media, ensure you are findable by implementing a few basics before you get started,

  • Make sure, your social media profile is complete by providing all the necessary information about your bakery with a clear display of your contact information and anything else that you feel that is important for your brand
  • Ensure that you maintain consistency across all the platforms of your social media. Say, maintaining the same profile picture across all your social media accounts
  • You can also go for cross-promotion if you have multiple accounts
  • Make sure that you respond to all your customers’ comments or at least respond with emojis to make them feel that you are engaging
  • Give space for displaying customer reviews which can help in creating trust in your brand

How to Use Social Media Platforms Such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Each social media platform has its own exclusive features and best practices for promoting your business. In this section let us see how each social media platform can help in generating optimal results for your business.


Facebook can be utilized to the maximum in the promotion of your business. With friends and family in the same loop, your business can get widespread through word of mouth. Announcing events through Facebook can bring in more consumers as many would come to know about your event either through Facebook shares or even word of mouth

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Bakery (Facebook Marketing) - SmallBusinessWeb

In the above screenshot, the bakery has made an announcement of their 160th anniversary and to celebrate it they have conducted a party at their shops. This is a good example of spreading your business worldwide, and it also showcases their experience in the industry through numbers.


Twitter focuses on posting small posts with limited characters. The goal of the platforms is to stay clear, concise, and conversational. The posts that mostly get trendy are videos. You can also try polls on your Twitter account which would keep your followers engaged and the word about the poll could become widespread.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Bakery (Twitter Marketing) - SmallBusinessWeb

Like the above tweet, you can put in some interesting questions like “What would you like for your next bakery treat?” “Which recipe should we go next?”

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Bakery (Meta Marketing) - SmallBusinessWeb


Instagram is really a visual treat for its users, and it’s a great platform for promoting your bakery business if you are interested in posting high-quality photos and videos of your creations. This can grab users’ attention as it makes them feel engaged.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Bakery (Instagram Marketing) - SmallBusinessWeb

The above screenshot of a reel posted in-line to Halloween with an attractive tagline “Even witches want to be fancy” Check out the reel here.

Tips for Creating Interesting and Engaging Content

  • More videos/images and less text
  • Stop stock photos and get your own photos
  • Convert your evergreen content to infographics or charts or graphs
  • Share customer reviews and testimonials on your social media accounts
  • Look for the latest visual trends
  • Use CTAs if necessary
  • Make use of user-generated content
  • Run competitions on your social media accounts
  • Use the right hashtags to get the right audience
  • Tell as many stories as possible
  • Post reels to increase engagement

A story teller’s post, this post showcases the story of an entrepreneur. Likewise, you can create suitable stories for your bakery business

Social Media Marketing for Bakery - SmallBusinessWeb
Source: Semrush

A testimonial post that has been shared by the owner of the business, would create trust in your customer base and would bring in more conversions.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Bakery (Testimonials Marketing) - SmallBusinessWeb

Make use of user-generated content, Apple announced the campaign “Shot on iPhone” and many customers did participate in the contest. After a month, the staff from Apple chose the best content and shared it on their platforms. Customers kept sharing the photos even after the contest.

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Bakery (User- generated content) - SmallBusinessWeb
Source: Semrush

Ideas for Using Hashtags

Few popular hashtags for food and bakery are,

#cakestagram #bake #bakery #cupcakes #foodporn #cakedecorating #cakes #cakesofinstagram #pastry #sweet #chocolate #foodie #baker #instacake #instagood #love #dessert #food #birthdaycake #cake #bread#cookies #baking #foodphotography #delicious #foodstagram #yummy, #delicious, #tasty, #yum, #hungry, #eat, #healthy, #homemade, #cleaneating,  #restaurant, #coffee, #coffeeshop, #[your business name]

Social Media Marketing Strategy for Bakery (Hashtags) - SmallBusinessWeb
Source: LocaliQ

Ideas for using hashtags:

  • Use hashtags but don’t look spammy
  • Stay to the trend
  • Create hashtags representing any national event, celebration and more
  • Use hashtags related to your content
  • Create branded hashtags
  • Include hashtag with a good caption
  • No overuse of hashtags

How to use hashtags in social media networks?


  • Number of hashtags to use: 5-10 relevant hashtags
  • Include business hashtags following your caption. Add a hashtag to your Instagram profile bio.


  • Number of hashtags to use: 2-5 relevant hashtags
  • Include hashtags in any part of your Facebook and also use them for grouping content. As most of the profiles are private you can make use of the URL: ‘facebook.com/hashtag/_____’ (include your keyword at the end) to monitor data related to your hashtags.


  • Number of hashtags to use: 1-2 relevant hashtags
  • As Twitter has character limits, add hashtags to your tweet. Also add hashtags in bio, replies, and retweets.

Strategies for Interacting with Customers Through Social Media

  • Use images and videos to capture your audience’s attention and make your posts more engaging
  • Make sure your website is linked in all of your social media profiles, so customers can easily find it
  • Respond to comments and questions from customers promptly, and thank them for their feedback
  • Use social media to announce new products, or sale items
  • Announce discounts and offers through social media
  • Use social media to post polls
  • Announce referral programs and giveaways through social media
  • Use relevant hashtags to bring the right audience
Bakers Social Media Marketing Strategy - Small Business Web

Bring Your Target Audience Today

Investing in a solid and effective small business digital marketing strategy is the greatest approach to advertise your bakery business in the modern era. The thorough planning of your social media strategies, will not only swiftly spread your brand but also makes it easier to gain reputation and goodwill, must be the first step in starting your bakery business. To succeed in business, conduct a careful market analysis and put your strategies into practice.

If you are looking for professional assistance to implement the right social media strategies at affordable pricing packages for your bakery business, send us a quote request here. 

You can contact us at +1 (919) 234-5140, we’ll get back to you at the earliest. We SmallBusinessWeb provide services tailored to your requirements that suit your business.

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