6 Ways To Run Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media is quite a powerful tool. More than 50 million small businesses use Facebook to connect with their customers. There are many benefits of using social media for businesses. In fact, 21% of consumers are more likely to buy from small business brands that they can reach on social media. 

But it’s easy not to use it properly! Many small businesses struggle to plan their social media marketing campaigns without a dedicated social media manager.

For new products, special offers, and holidays, a social media campaign is proven to gain traction for your business. Utilizing digital marketing services for small business, you can push one of your products, through social media marketing helps in spreading the word. Proper planning and strategies are required for a social media marketing campaign to be successful. 

How to run successful social media marketing campaigns?

  • Set goals for the campaign
  • Create buyer profiles
  • Target social media profiles
  • Organize content
  • Tracking performance 
  • Competitor research

Here’s why we have complied proven strategies so you can run a successful social media campaign.

Setting goals for the campaign

  • Before starting a campaign, pen down the specific reasons for the campaign. Once your agenda for the campaign is clear, you can go ahead with the campaign. 
  • Some of the common goals for social media campaigns are improving brand awareness, acquiring leads, increasing sales, increasing engagement, and so on. 
  • But these are the broader terms, you need to have a qualitative measure for each goal: What do you mean by brand awareness? Will you invest in paid social media posts to acquire leads? Should you hire a social media marketer from a digital marketing agency for small business to increase sales & engagement? 

We worked closely with a Chennai-based nutritionist who runs her own consultancy clinic. She approached us to boost her social media presence and we focussed on Instagram to boost her profile. 

Through a measured mix of unfiltered Instagram reels, webinars, daily posts on dietary plans & educational content, we could boost her profile from 1,000 followers to 12,000 followers in about six months’ time! 

Once she reached 10,000 followers, we activated paid posts as search algorithms automatically recommend business profiles to follow.

Creating buyer profiles

  • Many people use social media, and everyone doesn’t require your products. Even if you have a wonderful campaign, it won’t be effective without the right audience. 
  • Therefore, having an outline of your target audience helps you reach the right people. 
  • Have details like the name, gender, age, income, place, pain points, hobbies, interests, and preferred social media channels ready. 
  • It helps you curate messages that will resonate with your targeted audience. 
  • You can only understand and create buyer profiles after analyzing your purchase history or following your competitor’s standard. 

We have various small business digital marketing packages like Quick, Pro, and Bold. Here the prices vary from USD 478-768, depending on the number of target locations and keywords.

Target social media profiles

  • Selecting more social media profiles doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. You will set yourself up for better results if you select a few media channels and concentrate on them. 
  • And here is where the buyer profile comes into the picture. You can start by targeting their favorite social media channels. 
  • You can also look at your previous website data and find out which social media channels gave you the most traffic. 

Organizing content

2021 Hubspot survey noted that 80% of marketers found funny content to be the most effective on social media. 

However, we also recommend you tap into the potential of knowledge-based content to maintain exclusivity.

  • For any marketing campaign, content is crucial. The timeline for content right from its curation to launch to keeping a track of it, everything needs to be organized. 
  • Timing is just as crucial for your content. 
  • You can opt for a content calendar where you can focus specifically on content and its timing. 
  • Some of the important things to include in the calendar are content creation overview, curated content, and social media updates. 

Tracking performance

  • Simply making a strategy and sticking with it till the end may not be as helpful for your campaign. How will you know whether it is working or not? 
  • Tracking your performance will help you know whether your campaign strategy is working or not. 
  • And if you’re tracking your performance regularly, you can also make timely changes in your action plan. 
  • Ensure that the parameters for performance tracking are aligned with your goals.

We have a client who is an academician. He conducts Ethics classes for graduates, public administrators & corporates as part of his consultancy business. 

He has a good social media presence across Facebook, YouTube & Instagram. But most of his followers were not organic as he would promote his social media channels in the classes. 

He approached to improve organic followers and also availed of our small business graphics design packages which starts from USD 279 a month.  

While the increase in followers is to be analyzed, the improved quality of infographic & social media banner posts have increased user interaction & engagement by 170%

Competitor research

  • Understanding what your successful competitors did in their social marketing campaigns helps you know what did and didn’t work for them. 
  • You can analyze which social media channels and strategies worked for them. 
  • You can study the social media platforms, type of content, frequency of social updates, and results generated from their strategies. 
  • Their mistakes are just as important as their triumphs. It will act as a guideline for you. 

So, this is how you can run a successful social media marketing campaign. Doing all of this by yourself can be daunting. But, don’t worry! Check out our various small business digital marketing packages at SmallBusinessWeb and find out which one suits you best. 

Further, you can request a custom quote for any other requirements to grow your small business online. 

Manav Gupta
About the Author - Manav Gupta

Manav Gupta is a full-time CopyWriter at Small Business Web, where he works to benefit both professionals & enthusiasts in the field of Digital Marketing, Branding & Web Development by creating engaging content. Prior to joining Small Business Web, Manav was responsible for managing & executing content projects ranging from sales collateral to web content, ad copy to letters, business proposals to sales plans, and training manuals.

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