Blog Post Ideas for Small Businesses

Running a Small Business, and struggling to engage your users with creative content? This is a common scenario that every content creator face when they feel they have covered almost every topic about the business.

But we will have to accept the fact that there is always room for extra effort and extra creativity in strategizing and planning content for your website when it comes to blog creation.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your small business’s content strategy and keep your audience engaged, consider reaching out to a trusted small business digital marketing agency.

Here, in this blog we have curated a list of all possible blog post ideas, that can help you stay structured and create a variety of content and keep your users ‘ever-engaged’

Let’s explore the options.

  • Inspire others with a write-up about your journey as a small business owner. There is always an interesting approach to real stories, real challenges, and real outcomes.
  • Write an article about how any of your products or services impacted a customer. This can be handled in a lighter way, promoting more the customer wow and less the product.
  • Need to bring in more readers from your niche? Start writing about daily challenges, tools that helped you, software that you use, etc. This will attract your fellow business people, and chances are there you will attract their customers as well.
  • Prepare a set of freebies, free templates, a checklist, seasonal giveaways that might help your users gain some value by means of downloadable assets.
  • Write a detailed review of your products.
  • Try to set up an interview with an influencer in your field or any related field of users. You can engage with the users by making them ask questions and what they would like to listen to from the influencer.
  • Choose a book or product that is popular, then, in the industry, and review it. Honest reviews are always sought out.
  • Share about an event you attended and how it helped you in your business.
  • Prepare a blog with curated content of everything that is relevant to your business. Curated content is always an immediate win when it comes to blogs.
  • Remember how you started off? How your office looked like in the beginning and how it looks like now? Share the story with pics. It’s always great to show positivity and hard work so that the aspiring to-be owners bookmark you for all inspiration.
  • Ask your users whether they are interested to write a guest post for you. Arrange giveaways for cool ones that really bring traffic.
  • Engage your users with the list of openings you currently have in your business. Ask your readers to refer suitable ‘performers’ for your business.
  •  List down common mistakes that happen in the industry. This will help your users bookmark and read whenever necessary.
  • Think about a few ‘how-to’ posts. Understand how users land on your page and answer questions based on that.
  • Just pick all the questions that you were asked about your products/services/business and try to answer them in an article. You can always refer your users to this article when you get the same questions again and again.
  • Any festive season around the corner? Think about ways of relating your product/service to the season and write an article about it.
  • Stats are always an interesting topic to discuss. This helps the readers see data in numbers and is always a much searched topic. Try collecting stats relating to your industry and publish them as a blog.
  • Try doing a vlog series on one particular topic. This helps your users to navigate between multiple content types.
  • Write an article or create a video about the failures you faced in business. Do not shy away from discussing them. Being transparent will always bring in loyal readers for your blog.
  • Try writing an open letter to all your readers. Discuss in the article about your stand on any issue, be it business or social. This helps you to connect strongly with your readers.

There are umpteen ways one can connect with their readers via a blog. Take any of the above points, list down what possible title can fit in under the category, and be as creative as possible.

Still not feeling that you could cope up? We at SmallBusinessWeb can help you create blogs along with maintaining your social media accounts and improving your brand presence. To know more give a call at +1 (919) 234-5140 or write to us.

Happy Blogging

Pavithra Samuel
About the Author - Pavithra Samuel

I'm a passionate copywriter at Small Business Web sharing a special bond with digital marketing. I aim at delivering masterpiece content for which my research helps a lot. I always search for unique inspirations and write them all down to use in my blogs & content. I make the best use of the upgraded tools & technologies that greatly assist in content writing. Other than reading & writing, my other two friends are food & music. On and often, I do write blog posts, to get regular updates, stay tuned with us.

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