New Small Business Website Trends

Based on different situations, generations, and people’s interests, trends keep changing. It’s not that new trends will be welcomed only at the start of the year or year-end or in the middle.

Infact, you all might be aware of how new trends came into practice on account of the COVID-19 pandemic. Just by adapting to the new trends, small businesses like beauty spas, dine-in cafes, laundry, gyms, retailer shops, and many other small product manufacturers and retailers, with the help of small business web design, were able to withstand the situation.

Cash-free & card-less payments, online food delivery, e-shopping, etc., became the new normal and also customers loved using these. Similarly, if you want your small business to thrive in 2023, approach a best small business web design company to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Based on the current trends and status quo of small businesses, we’ve picked a few small business trends.

Disclaimer – these are just our predictions, so based on the pandemic issues, people’s mindsets, these may change too.

Say Goodbye to Your Outdated Website!

Trends keep changing. So, we cannot adhere to one at all times. Staying aware of the technology updates and trends is absolutely a rule of thumb for businesses.

We’re super excited to show you some of the small business website design trends that will be seen in 2023 and beyond.

1) Toggle Between Light & Dark UI

There are two groups of people

Dark & light UI implementation is not new, it’s continuing to be a trend in 2022 as well.

When to implement dark UI?
  • Less usage of text
  • Few design elements
  • Reduce eye strain
When to implement light UI?
  • More usage of images/videos
  • Higher usage in the daytime
  • Various color elements

Here’s how top brands like Google, Apple, and Windows have implemented the dark & light mode functionalities. 

  • Dark & light mode toggle in iOS 13
Small Business Website Trends (Light & Dark in IOS 13) - SmallBusinessWeb
Source: Mac Rumors
Small Business Website Trends (Windows 10) - SmallBusinessWeb
Source: Medium
Small Business Website Trends (Google) - SmallBusinessWeb
Source: Livemint
Advantages of implementing dark and light mode toggle functionality on your websites
  • Enhances user experience (UX)
  • Offers a personalized view based on the time, location, and mood of the users
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Can play around with different color palettes instead of sticking onto a single color

2) Typography-led Hero Sliders

Hero images/sliders are the first part of any website that visitors look at when they pitch into a website. Designing the sliders with awesome typography captivates the users’ hearts even at the first sight and creates a better impression.

The gigantic lettering style of typography effectively pops up the exact brand message to your audience. Here are some eye-capturing typography-led hero sliders.

3) Back to Retro Colors

Usage of faded hues and less saturated colors in websites nowadays make us wonder whether the vintage pattern styles are giving a comeback.

Tips for creating an aesthetic retro effect

  • Choose the right less saturated color palette. Something like below
Small Business Website Trends (Color Palette) - SmallBusinessWeb
Source: Etsy

Retro color palette

  • Use different geometric shapes like below
Small Business Website Trends (Geometric Shapes) - SmallBusinessWeb
  • Make use of patterns. Something like these
Small Business Website Trends (Patterns) - SmallBusinessWeb
Small Business Website Trends (Style Patterns) - SmallBusinessWeb
  • Design some creative textures similar to these
Small Business Website Trends (Creative textures) - SmallBusinessWeb
Small Business Website Trends (Colorful textures) - SmallBusinessWeb
  • Add images that blend with the vintage feel. Something like these
Small Business Website Trends (Custom) - SmallBusinessWeb
Small Business Website Trends (Vintage) - SmallBusinessWeb
Small Business Website Design (Vintage) - SmallBusinessWeb
  • Use retro font styles and typefaces like below
Small Business Website Design (retro font) - SmallBusinessWeb

4) Minimalistic Design

Today, people look out for minimalism in everything. It’s becoming a trend now and will continue to be. Minimalistic designs are nothing but using simple design elements & interfaces.

Advantages of using minimalism in web design
  • Speed up the webpage load time
  • Leaves more breathe-in space for your website
  • Easy to design elements
  • Budget-friendly

We’ve collected a few websites that inspired us with their minimalistic designs.

5) Interactive Animations

More than a website with static images, elements that are rolling, dancing, jumping, or in any motion would just capture your eyes. Going a step forward, interactive animations make your users perform certain actions instead of just viewing the animations.

Here are our top picks of animation software.

Some of the websites inspired us with their tremendous interactive animations. 

We’re excited to show you some of the small business website technology trends that will be seen in 2022 and beyond.

1) Artificial Intelligence

Even today, AI technology plays around in various grounds of small business websites like delivering excellent customer service, tracking user behavior, hiring candidates who best match with the job qualifications, etc. In the future, it’s expected that AI will take over the whole world of small businesses.

In 2022, it’s expected that low-code/no-code concepts would be booming with the help of AI technology.

2) Augmented Reality

Day by day, we’re becoming more familiar with AR wearables. In 2022, it’s expected that Web AR will be playing a major role in marketing, advertising, and e-commerce as well.

  • AR campaigns with real humans
  • Real-world advertising
  • QR code scanning for payment, virtual store visits, etc
  • Product demos, clothes trials, and more
  • Virtual tours of destinations
  • Display your employee culture and workspace environment
  • Show your office tours to the new candidates
  • Virtual vehicle tour
  • Instructions to minor and major repairs of cars and vehicles

Try a new trend… Become that trend…Wait for the upcoming trend…Repeat

Beat the clock before the trends go outdated.

Staying updated with the trends and implementing all these in your business would be daunting. No worries.

At Smallbusinessweb, we’ve got a solid team of logo & graphic web designers, developers, SEO professionals, and digital marketers who strive to maximize your visibility in the online space. Also, we offer affordable website development packages for small business, including small business web design services.

Do contact us, we can talk further and know your requirements.

We’ll be frequently updating the trends. Stay tuned to get regular updates.

Disclaimer – All the images in this blog post are taken from different resources. Smallbusinessweb doesn’t own any of the images.

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