Local SEO Case Studies For Your Small Business

Local SEO for small business is one of the parts of SEO strategies that are implemented to improve your local visibility. This would make your business visible for location-based searches. It is an efficient way of marketing your local business as it helps in promoting your products and services locally. If you want your local customers to find you at the exact time they are looking for your services online, work on your local SEO.

In this article, we have shared with you 7+ case studies on Local SEO for small business that would inspire you to implement the strategy. If you want more local business, then “Get Popular Locally”.


The case study was for a local taxi company in a highly competitive market. With 200,000 population, about 60 million tourists and the client has two international airports within 30-mile radius. The client already has decent organic rankings in location-based searches. However, did not show up in the local pack for actual city searches. The company applied certain suitable local SEO strategies to increase their visibility locally.

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A small business from Jacksonville approached the company for increasing its online presence and to drive leads for their business. After a detailed analysis, the company decided to make improvements to the website loading time, and user experience for the overall performance of the website. In regard to Local SEO, applied suitable on-page and off-page SEO strategies by targeting local keywords and also optimized GMB. 

This resulted in increasing the visibility of the business, improving traffic, and visibility in the top 3 results of Google My Business.

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The company selected 32 different queries from a variety of professions and did research across 30 different cities of varying sizes across the US & Canada. The primary goal was to determine whether there was any link between local (maps/3 pack) ranking positions and organic ranking positions.

The result of the study was, there is direct correlation between position in local results and a higher ranking page in organic results.

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Local SEO Case Studies (Google algorithm and Summary)- SmallBusinessWeb

Colorstone Marketing

The company took one business from a startup with no website to over 400 calls per month. They followed some key strategies that make all the difference in local SEO. In their case study, they have shared the complete strategy and illustrated that when it comes to local SEO, all websites and locations are different.

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Local SEO Case Studies (Local SEO Results)- SmallBusinessWeb

Kanuka Digital

PlumbGas approached the company for improving their local online presence in search engine results. Their main aim was to increase overall organic traffic in order to boost the number of leads that come through their website. The company planned on the marketing tactics and local SEO that needs to be implemented. The process started with SEO audit, followed by bespoke local SEO plan. The result for the efforts was, increase in search visibility, higher conversions and increase in impressions.

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Local SEO Case Studies (Local SEO Outcome)- SmallBusinessWeb


Urban Edge Properties approached the company as Google listed their properties as “permanently closed”. The company applied an excellent local SEO strategy which resulted in improving online awareness and increase in conversions

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Local SEO Case Studies (Local SEO Results and statistics)- SmallBusinessWeb

Marketing Signals

The client approached the company when a change in Google’s advertising policies prevented advertisers from keywords like “iPhone repair” and “Apple repair shop”. The challenge was to replace ad traffic and increase viewability for Google Maps listings in the North Miami/Hallandale, FL area. The efforts resulted in an average listing of 1.1 across all search terms.

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Local SEO Case Studies (Google maps listing)- SmallBusinessweb


Wastecycle, a sustainable waste management company, wanted to get more business from local and the company offered the local SEO strategies to achieve this goal.

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Local SEO Case Studies (Local SEO Campaign)- SmallBusinessWeb

Wrapping Up

Hope the above case studies would have started to inspire you for implementing local SEO in your small business. With constant efforts and the right strategies, the above-mentioned businesses have reached their heights and are now existing examples for others. So, implement Local SEO with the right strategies in the right way to experience its benefits and to keep your growth inclined.

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