How Much Does A Fitness Studio or Personal Trainer Website & Digital Marketing Cost?

The answer depends on what stage of business you’re in. 

If you already manage a Fitness Studio website and look to redesign it, the website redesigning costs varies anywhere between USD 1500 to USD 5000 for small to medium-level businesses.

If you’re active on social media as a personal trainer but want an exclusive Fitness website for branding purposes, we have website design packages starting from as low as USD 679

Parallelly, you can invest in professional logo designing services for small business starting from just USD 195/month. Further, you should invest in content marketing that educates the audience on various fitness regimes. Later, target paid search campaigns based on location and keywords to attract more leads with our affordable packages starting from USD 180/month. 

And if you’re neither active on social media nor have a website ready, you need not succumb to the peer pressure of investing heavily in growing your business online.

You can start with a DIY website for under USD 50 & slowly scale up to integrate customized website plugins. Hereon, we recommend you build a solid social media strategy through interactive designs & well-targeted engaging posts. Subscribe to our digital marketing plans for as low as USD 478/month

Pricing: Personal Trainer or Fitness Studio Mobile App Development

Fitness Studios or Personal Trainers planning to offer services online may target developing a custom mobile application instead of a website.

Why should Fitness Coaches or Personal Trainers invest in mobile app development? 

  • Clients can sync wearables and trackers to measure performance with respect to your exercise schedule
  • Dedicated app builds community engagement
  • Very effective for client retention

When it comes to web development services for small businesses, fitness studio business can have unique demands like custom theme development, mobile app development, plugin customization, API integration & CRM integrations for but not limited to 

  • managing appointments 
  • automating the scheduling of classes
  • automate email/SMS notifications 
  • live streaming support through Zoom meetings or others
  • One-on-one video training sessions
  • live chat & audio chat support during classes
  • Sync wearable and trackers
  • buy & manage cloud storage
  • on-demand recorded instruction video service
  • instructor’s convenience to share course materials 
  • secure payment options 

Some Fitness Studios may already have a website but are unable to scale up or attract more traffic due to limited plugin bandwidth. Redesigning the website is the best option here. 

Redesigning your website would involve migrating to the best tech platform, improving the SEO capabilities of the website, designing website graphics, and suggesting content marketing ideas relevant to the brand. 

Pricing: Graphics Designing & Digital Marketing Services for Personal Trainers or Fitness Studio

Fitness Studios or Personal Trainers who want to attract a local audience online will need professional guidance in setting and optimizing local SEO to achieve desired results. Small businesses looking to attract the global market will also benefit from a dedicated digital marketer. 

Consulting services for SEO purposes for small business Fitness Studios or Personal Trainers may cost between USD 180 to USD 768 a month and typically include the following services – 

  • Local Search Optimization
  • Paid Search Ad
  • Content Marketing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Support Team
  • Google Location Map
  • Social Media setup

Fitness Studios can buy a bundle logo designing package to be used for 

  • Stationery Designs ( Business Card Matching Envelope Letter Head )
  • Twitter Header or Facebook Cover Designs

Personal trainers, who want to improve their social media presence can opt for professional graphics design packages on a monthly basis starting between USD 279 to USD 849 to design –  

  • landing pages 
  • product/service branding
  • marketing campaigns 
  • content marketing 

Who Gives You the Best ROI: Digital Agency or Freelancers? 

ROI is a measure of your return on investment from building and maintaining a Fitness Studio website to running digital marketing campaigns and attracting leads. 

We measure ROI on engaging a digital agency or a freelancer for website design & digital marketing using the following parameters: 

  • Ability to develop or customize web plugins & tools, like scheduling classes, live streaming, etc. 
  • Proficiency in website maintenance, SEO services & content marketing 
  • Impressive portfolio of designing posters, and banners for social media, display ads, or website

As a service-oriented and customer-facing business, there is no better occupation than yours to understand the scope of engaging a freelancer or digital agency for website design or digital marketing.  

While freelancers are affordable, we find they fail to deliver a bigger picture if you don’t have an internal team ready. Freelancers come good only if you have a workable plan to execute and where you can dictate them on the terms of your design or marketing requirements. 

On the other hand, digital agencies are comparatively expensive but are nothing but an extension of your internal team and also guarantee leadership and course correction if you don’t have an executable plan. 
Learn more about choosing between a freelancer programmer vs. an agency for small business website design & development here. 

How To Begin? 

As more Fitness Studios and Personal Trainers are moving online, new tools are emerging to automate as many areas of their business – like marketing, sales, accounting, designing, or payments –  and make it easier than ever for them to run businesses entirely on their own and still stay competitive. 

But we have also found that managing all of these tools is what starts to complicate the process for most. 

This has given rise to web development & branding consulting to help personal trainers with both the tools and guidance to keep them running and attract more traffic. 

Here we propose a need for a consultant like SmallBusinessWeb.Co which is essentially a digital agency with dedicated resources for website design, development & marketing yet offers small businesses the comfort of quick, easy, and ready-to-deploy digital solutions at competitive prices as that of freelancers! 

At SmallBusinessWeb.Co, we offer various web development packages for small businesses. Depending on your requirement, you can opt for one or, we can come up with a custom quote idea as well. 

We will schedule the pricing plan for different milestones that we set. All these schedules and milestones will be discussed during onboarding.

What You Can Do? 

Excited to build your personal training and fitness business online? 

Discuss and share this blog with your fellow trainers online. 


Access our free resources on building your small business online on SmallBusinessWeb.Co  


If you like this blog or wish to offer suggestions, please comment down below.  

So, what’s stopping you to get started today? 

Manav Gupta
About the Author - Manav Gupta

Manav Gupta is a full-time CopyWriter at Small Business Web, where he works to benefit both professionals & enthusiasts in the field of Digital Marketing, Branding & Web Development by creating engaging content. Prior to joining Small Business Web, Manav was responsible for managing & executing content projects ranging from sales collateral to web content, ad copy to letters, business proposals to sales plans, and training manuals.

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