Best Payment Gateway Providers For Small Business Website & In-Store Solutions

It’s fascinating to discover how North America pays online. Small businesses who are looking to expand online will find it much useful in deciding which payment method to offer their customers. 

E-commerce Payment Preference - Small Business Web

Uncovering the payment preference stats further, there is a stark difference in payment habits that comes from how debt and credit options are used by people at either extreme of the age group and across genders!  

While those ages 65 or older are most likely to prefer a credit card (25.66%), 37.58% of those ages 18 to 24 are more likely to say they’d use a debit card. There is a 10 percentage point divide between the sexes, with women more than men by far preferring a debit card. 

Several small businesses in North America spend hundreds of dollars per month to process credit card payments, whereas only $3 a month on processing debit card payments. However, they are obliged to offer multiple payment methods to satisfy every kind of customer online.  

There are also larger markets with low card usage, like Brazil, and Mexico, where digital wallets are highly preferred modes of online payment.

With so many different online payment methods available in the market, it is economically not viable to integrate all into your website. 

Corollary, if you don’t offer a bouquet of payment choices on your website, you’re more likely to lose your prospects’ confidence!

Here is where payment gateway providers for small businesses or simply, payment integrations come in handy. They offer multiple payment gateway providers, from regional wallet services or pay later services to global card payments and bank transfers with just single-click integration into your website. 

TIP: Select payment gateway providers that do not restrict you to accept payments alone but also help you create workflows so that your clients will automatically receive follow-up emails, receipts, upsells, or requests for product or service reviews after their purchases!

Find answers to the following and accurately decide which payment gateway provider suits your business model and customer preferences:

  •  Grow-with-me principle: Is the payment gateway flexible enough to scale as your business grows?
  • Pricing: Does it require the setup and monthly fees? What about the transaction fee?
  • Supported payment methods: Will your customers have a good checkout experience? If not, they’re not getting back!
  •  Customer service: If something goes wrong, will you get help instantly? 
  • Security standards: Will your customers trust your business? Can you ensure that their card data is in safe hands?
  • Integration simplicity: How much effort will you need to put into the payment gateway integration? can help you pick the best and most affordable payment gateway integrations while developing your small business website. Let’s explore this further.

Top Payment Gateway Integrations for E-Commerce Websites

Issues: No immediate payment confirmation or native refunds with cash-based vouchers and bank credit transfers often creates challenges for e-commerce businesses. 

This creates a barrier for small-scale e-commerce businesses to scale up to global markets where card usage is usually low, such as Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia. Here, customers prefer to pay with cash-based vouchers and bank credit transfers method. 

Apart from offering standard payment solutions like Cards, Digital Wallets, or Bank redirects, the “buy now, pay later” option is much recommended to offer your customers.

Solutions: Customers on your e-commerce website will expect streamlined payment experiences that give them what they want when they want it. Fortunately, we have many payment gateway providers who offer multiple payment methods at tech convenience of maximum security and minimizing transaction time. 

Payment Gateway Providers for E-commerce  - Small Business Web

1. It is one of the oldest players in the market and handles everything from authorizing, capturing, and settling payments securely. 

For physical stores, can accept card payments without an e-commerce website or card reader. Digital invoicing will give your customers the flexibility to pay from their mobile devices. 

2. GoCardless: It helps small businesses get paid through direct debit, i.e. after the customer’s mandate, the transaction is directly settled between banks without any intermediary payment gateways.

This offers greater flexibility to small business owners through instant settlement at virtually zero cost. 

3. Clover: It is great at handling POS online payments apart from ancillary tasks, like gift card creation, invoicing, mobile app integration, and online ordering. 

Mostly recommended by restaurants, retail operations & service businesses. 

4. Dwolla: Perfect if you need to pay contractors or if you want to receive consumer payments. 

You can send or receive funds with payment methods including ACH, balance-to-balance between Dwolla users, real-time payments, push-to-debit, or wire transfers.

5. VizyPay: Good for newbie business owners, it covers mobile, online, or storefront payment solutions. 

It may not be an encompassing choice compared to the providers, but the transparent fee and focused customer support resources will attract small business owners.

6. Shopify Payments: It is a brand focused on selling e-commerce products & services and affordable payment integrations for small businesses is one among many services. 

You can enhance user engagement by integrating payments with shipping carriers and services including Xero, QuickBooks, MailChimp, Amazon, and social media platforms. 

Further, any sales made online or in-store can be synced to let you track your inventory and analyze sales data better. 

The mention of how secure and efficient global players like Amazon Payments, PayPal, and Stripe Payments are, especially for small businesses, seemed redundant to discuss here. 

Top Payment Gateway Integrations for Professional Service Websites & Subscription-based Businesses

Issues: Professional service providers like doctors, lawyers, accountants, investment brokers, content creators, etc. have all come online yet the issue of invoicing/recurring payments from clients often disturbs their workflow. 

Solutions: A positive nudge to upsell or remind customers about their recurring payments is the need of the hour. Fortunately, there are several dedicated payment integrations that can be connected with your CRMs affordably. 

Payment Gateway Providers for Small Businesses

1. ChargeBee: Highly recommended for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. It’s also something of an end-to-end solution as it manages not only your billing schedules, but also rotations and invoicing, tax management, and payment processing. 

2. PaySimple: Small businesses will find PaySimple’s credit card transaction processing cost most affordable among other providers. It also includes customer relationship management (CRM) functionality to provide a better customer experience while checkout. 

3. DepositFix: You can seamlessly accept payments through CRMs, and the payment information will send directly to your business’ Stripe or PayPal accounts. 

It lets you create workflows so that your clients automatically receive follow-up emails, receipts, upsells, or requests for product or service reviews after their purchases.

4. One Page Pay: Similar to DepositFix, it works with several different CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, etc. as well as different payment platforms like Stripe, PayPal, or GoCardless. 

5. Intuit: The scheduling tool allows you to schedule automatic, recurring invoices, and the payments are integrated with your Quickbooks account for seamless bookkeeping, quick deposits, receipt capture and organization, bill pay, income, expense tracking, and more.

Wrapping Up

The total cost of ownership is an important determinant in evaluating a suitable payment solution. Most often, we see a free payment terminal coming with higher processing costs or an expensive long-term subscription cost.  

We want small to grow online. But today, there is an overcrowding of digital tools and solutions for small businesses. More so often, we find owners confused about making the right choice based on their business requirements. 

At SmallBusinessWeb, we specialize in helping small businesses find the best and most affordable digital solutions, including website development. With over 13 years of professional experience in the industry, we have successfully met the specific requirements of 200+ small business clients. Contact us today to learn more about small business web development services provided at affordable packages and how we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.
We provide comprehensive web design, development and digital marketing services for small business that will help you grow your business online. Feel free to request a price quote for the most suitable payment integrations or any other web development service.

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