Welcome to the Digital Transformation Series! A new set of guides for various industries to help them in Digital Transformation.

Each time we create a video under this Digital Transformation Series, we plan to cover from the basics after all research and the experience we have gained over these years. This time we have tried to dig deeper into the manufacturing industry. Anyone who wants to transform their business online can access the video to understand what’s in trend and how much does it cost to build a manufacturing business website.  

Let’s Start!

Business that comes under small manufacturing businesses

Small manufacturing businesses are different from region to region. In USA, Toy Manufacturer, Smartphone Accessory Maker, Plastic container Manufacturer, Textile producer, Furniture Maker, Woodworker, Niche Snack Foods Maker, Candy Maker, Bread Maker, Olive Oil Producer, Canned Goods Maker, Leather Manufacturer, Wig maker and hair products manufacturer, Makeup production, Fertilizer production, Chalk Manufacturer, Direct to consumer tech device producer, Electrical fittings producer, Locksmith, Musical Instrumental maker, Watchmaker, Eyeglass manufacturer, Air Freshener Production, Sports equipment manufacturer, Embroiderer, Paper, box, bag manufacturer, Jewellery Maker, kitchen utensil manufacturer, carpet, pillow, diaper, diaper producers, Drug manufacturer, Chemical production, Cement Maker, Soap and detergent production, Tool manufacturer, Nail and bolt manufacturer, Automotive parts manufacturer etc…

In a nutshell, any manufacturing businesses that runs with less number of employees comes under small business category. In fact, according to a study, 98.6% of all manufacturing companies in the United States are small business and majority of them have fewer than 20 employees.

Digital transformation for small manufacturing businesses

Its all about Data. Capturing all different datas in each and every department helps to understand the data points of business operations. Analysing, strategising, and monitoring the data across all the units help the business with high productivity, quality, safety and of course save on cost.

Small manufacturing businesses and their digital transformation journey

Digitizing the small manufacturing business is a mid to long-term vision, considering the complexity of the business. As a web and digital marketing expert, we at ColorWhistle can help developing web applications, cloud integrations for various business operations needs. With our SmallBusinessWeb.co channel, we can help with their marketing & sales departments, from branding to website development, Digital marketing to CRM to configuring campaigns with Marketing automations, we can play a good role in many areas.

How to start with Digital Transformation

We recently worked with a consulting business company (small enterprise) who work with lot of aviation businesses. We started with rebranding first – redesigned their logo, stationaries, marketing & sales collatrals. Redesigned their website, built the website to be SEO & marketing friendly. Integrated both Salesforce and Copper CRM for various functions. And also we setup their Marketo campaign automation. All this happened in the period of 18 months, along with other regular maintenance & small web apps developments for them. So, we are available to start anything in this line up.

Budget for the small manufacturing business websites

Knowing the budget range would help to make better decisions. For an information website, it can be started from USD 1500. For the different digital transformation components together with us, approximately, it would be in the range of USD 2000 to USD 4500 per month or having USD 25K to USD 50K would be a decent budget.

Remote and Outsourced working options

Internet & digital business is the answer, and its the way for businesses to move forward. For communication, we use Skype, GMeet, Zoom and we are very comfortable across all project management tools – including Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Monday etc.. So far, its been a great journey with all these tools and with the people using those tools, of course !

So, What’s Next?

Are you looking for a manufacturing business website? We at SmallBusinessWeb are a team of creative experts who can help you strategize and tailor craft a website that will help you transform your business digitally.

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