Top Instagram Trends Small Businesses Should Watch in 2023

Days are gone when people considered Instagram as just an entertainment social media platform… Now, it has evolved into a ‘commercial platform’ facilitating small business needs. 

We’re nearing 2023, and there is no right time than now, to walk through a few crucial Instagram trends for small business. We also provide customized digital marketing services for small business at affordable packages.

In this blog post, we’ve given a quick roundup of Instagram trends to help you devise strategies for your small business growth. 

Let’s welcome 2023 with these Instagram trends for small business.

Disclaimer: All these in this list are new updates on Instagram, they’ve already been rolled out and people have started playing. The prediction here is, all these will go on the peak in 2023, so you can definitely give it a shot for your business purposes.

1. Ephemeral Content will Continue to Grow in Popularity

Instagram Reels make both creators and viewers fall for! 

Reels are also the ephemeral content type! 

So, what’s meant by ‘ephemeral’, is any content that evaporates within 24-hours. 

Reels ofcourse were exclusively created to showoff your talents, on top of that, it’s a wise marketing strategy for small business. Let’s say, for example, you’re reselling eye-makeup products, you can just take a video tutorial of 20-30 seconds, and post it as Reels. 

Ephemeral Content - Create Instagram Reels  - SmallBusinessWeb

Unlike evergreen content pieces, Instagram Stories, live streaming, polls, and so on will not stay on your profile for a longer time. Post videos consistently to make your follower-base engaged without being hidden. 
Play around with Instagram polls like Crazy Lazy Polls.

Create Instagram Pools  - SmallBusinessWeb

2. More Business will Start Using Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is so fun and exciting! Just click on the big (+) icon on the top right, and it will direct you to create Stories.

Few ideas to keep your small business followers engaged on Instagram

  • Raise a poll
  • Share a message
  • Post any reacting emojis
  • Paste a link
  • Display before-and-after transition photos

Anything, anything that you want to share with your followers…

Post Stories (Instagram) -SmallBusinessWeb

Click on the rocket, that’s it, your story goes on live! Go ahead to receive likes & hearts for your small business on Instagram!  

Instagram TV or IGTV piques the interest of Instagram lovers to watch a video rather than read a long post, that’s why we’ve kept this blog possibly short! 😉 

Sephora, the unbiased beauty influencer brand on social media, showcase their beauty-related videos, be it step-by-step tutorials, backstage tips, interview sessions, and so on their IGTV.

Create Instagram IGTV  - SmallBusinessWeb

Few things you must first know about IGTV for small business,

  • Videos will be in long-form 
  • Duration can be to the max of 60-minute
  • Videos will be played in vertical format
  • Verified accounts can post upto 1 hour-long videos and unverified accounts can post upto 10 minutes long 
  • IGTV videos can be repurposed on other channels and vice versa
  • Monetization possibilities are available for posting ads

If it’s hard for you to find topics for IGTV, you can go like our beloved social media influencer Mr.Gary Vee… You know he just repurposes the content of his other channels and casts it into his IGTV channel

IGTV for Instagram Trends- SmallBusinessWeb

Creating an IGTV channel offers you splendid opportunities for casting interviews, how-to tutorials, backstage footage, product launches, webinars, conferences, educational content, and any long-form content.

4. The Use of Influencers will Continue to Grow

On a general note, the biggest strength of top brands is the ‘Influencers’. 

Instagram influencers are rising their bars today, no doubt about it. It’s not that you should be collaborating with some ‘popular faces’ only then will people look up to your brand. 

The trends seem to evolve. You can spend some time researching a few Instagram followers with a maximum of followers and just join hands for a budget-friendly collaboration. This will give your small business the expected reach. 

Look at how MyStyleFoodPicks promoting the SoStreats cookies… 

Instagram  Influencer for Reach - SmallBusinessWeb

As you’re a small business, you shouldn’t just like that collaborate with influencers, you’ve responsibilities and need to do some groundwork. 

Look for their

  • Number of followers 
  • Recent activities
  • Average likes & comments for a post
  • Niche the influencer belongs to
  • The way the influencer runs the partnership campaigns

5. Augmented Reality will be Used more Often in Marketing Campaigns

Augmented Reality (AR) filters in Instagram are a cool tech hack for an interactive experience for your users. 

In the online shopping universe, you can offer users convenience, though, if it’s one reason shoppers do not prefer may be, the lack of touch-and-feel experience. 

This is when AR enters and changes the entire scene! 🙂

How to make a custom AR filter for your small business?

  • Sign up for Meta Spark AR Studio
  • Go through the tutorials in the Learning Center. You can either create a custom filter from scratch or choose any of the templates
  • You’ll see a Viewport at the central panel, where you’ll need to create your filter and you can preview your work through the Simulator
  • Pick a 3D design for your filter from the library or import
  • In the Scene panel, you can edit the way your filter works in the real-time
  • Test your filer by forwarding the file to Instagram to visualize how it works in Instagram Stories
  • Click on the Upload button to share your custom filter with the world

6. Generational Differences in Social Media Use will Become Even More Pronounced

Generational difference is a massive topic revolving around social media today. Instagram is not an exception to it. 

Instagram Trends for Small Businesses - SmallBusinessWeb

Being a small business owner, you should be aware of these different generational groups, their behaviors & interests. And, formulate personalized strategies for each group. 

According to Pew Research, the major generational differences in social media.

Small Business Instagram Trends - SmallBusinessWeb

To know the behaviors & search interests of these generations, you can walk through statistics. As of Feb 2022, 50% of Generation Z, 44% of Millennials, 37% of Generation X, and 26% of Baby boomers spend their daily time on social media. To know more about this, checkout to this Statista link. 

It’s nothing like, only these are the trends, there are so many.. We just tried to cover the important ones. 

Looking through trends and devising marketing strategies accordingly will hold your business in many instances preventing it from falling… 

It will help keep your users engaged and you can stay ahead in the competition… If you’re struggling to implement these trends in your business strategies, feel free to reach out to our Smallbusinessweb team, we’ve expertise in social media management. You can write us a message. We can take it forward from there on! 

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