Google Local Services Ads : Exploring the Benefits for Small Businesses

What are Google Local Services Ads?

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) are a type of advertising format offered by Google that specifically targets local service-based businesses making them an excellent option for small business search engine optimization. LSAs are designed to connect users with local professionals or small businesses offering services in their area.

It appears at the very top of Google search results, above the organic search results and traditional pay-per-click (PPC) ads. 

LSAs are currently available for specific service categories, such as locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, HVAC professionals, and more. They provide a prominent and effective way for local service small businesses to increase their visibility, attract more leads, and grow their customer base through targeted advertising on Google.

Google Local Services Ads – Exploring the Benefits for Small Businesses

Increased Visibility

LSAs appear prominently at the top of Google search results, above the organic listings. This prime positioning helps SEO for small businesses and gain immediate visibility and stand out from competitors, leading to increased brand exposure.

Trust and Credibility

LSAs display the Google Guaranteed badge, which indicates that the business has been vetted by Google and meets certain quality standards. 

This badge instills trust in potential customers and boosts the credibility of the business, especially for service-based industries like plumbing, HVAC, electricians, etc.

Qualified Leads

LSAs target customers based on their specific service needs and location. 

This means that small businesses are more likely to receive inquiries from potential customers who are actively searching for the services they offer in their local area. It helps to generate high-quality leads with a higher conversion rate.


Google Local Services Ads operates on a pay-per-lead model. 

Instead of paying for clicks or impressions, businesses only pay when a customer contacts them directly through the ad. This cost-effective approach ensures that small businesses are spending their advertising budget on actual leads rather than just clicks.

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Easy Contact and Communication

It provides a seamless experience for customers to contact the business directly through the ad. Customers can easily call or message the business, making it convenient for them to connect and inquire about services. 

Mobile Optimization

LSAs are designed with mobile users in mind, as a significant portion of searches now occurs on mobile devices. The ads are optimized for mobile screens, making it easy for users to view, interact with, and contact the business on their smartphones or tablets.

Review Management

LSAs display reviews and ratings from previous customers, offering social proof and influencing the decision-making process. 

Positive reviews can help small businesses build a strong online reputation and attract more customers.

Performance Tracking

Google provides detailed analytics and insights on the performance of LSAs. Small businesses can track the number of leads generated, the cost per lead, and other metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

Exclusivity in Ad Placement

LSAs have a limited number of spots available, resulting in less competition compared to traditional Google Ads. This exclusivity increases the chances of small businesses being seen and chosen by potential customers.

Trust Signals from Background Checks

As part of the verification process, LSAs require businesses to undergo background checks. This additional layer of screening provides further trust signals to customers, assuring them of the legitimacy and professionalism of the business.

Brand Exposure Beyond Organic Search Results

LSAs expand a business’s visibility beyond traditional organic search results. They are displayed at the top of search pages, making businesses more noticeable to potential customers and increasing brand exposure.

Integration with Google My Business

LSAs integrate seamlessly with a business’s Google My Business profile. This integration allows for easy management and synchronization of information across platforms, ensuring accurate and up-to-date business details for customers.

Access to Google Support

Businesses running LSAs have access to Google’s dedicated support team. This direct line of assistance can be invaluable in resolving any issues, answering queries, or optimizing ad performance.

The following countries currently support running Local Services Ads

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

How does Google conduct the verification process for businesses to qualify for LSAs?

To qualify for LSAs, businesses must go through a verification process conducted by Google. This process typically involves background checks, license verification, and other screening procedures to ensure the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the business. Once verified, the business is eligible to run LSAs.

Wrapping Up

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) offer numerous benefits for small businesses. They provide increased visibility, credibility, and targeted leads. With a pay-per-lead model, LSAs are cost-effective. Seamless communication channels and mobile optimization make it easy for businesses to connect with customers. Reviews and ratings help build a strong online reputation for your local small business. Detailed analytics enables businesses to track performance and make data-driven decisions. 

Also, Google Local Services Ads provide not only the commonly known benefits but also offer additional advantages such as exclusivity in ad placement, enhanced mobile experience, and increased trust through the Google Guarantee and background checks. 

It empowers SEO for small businesses to enhance their online presence, attract customers, and drive growth.

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