Freelancer Programmer VS Agency For Small Business Website Design & Web Development

What does a small business owner look for in a prospective service partner? 

  • Accountable and affordable
  • Cut-through bureaucratic hurdles 
  • Proactive planning and suggestions
  • Single point of contact
  • Trust & Confidentiality

Freelancers, agency partnerships, or even hiring an in-house experts are some of the prominent service providers for small business web development, website design, logo design or digital marketing. 

Service partner who have enough resources to offer multiple services and the ability to scale down the overall costs is the best choice. 

Your choice of service partner must be dependent on your familiarity with website design, development & marketing online. Why? 

This way you can present a clear vision and get the best results from working with freelancer developers. Whereas if you’re completely new, agency partners can breakdown available options based on your project requirement, budget and also deliver the expected output.

Your Business …Your Choice

Hiring an in-house developer may not always be economically viable for small businesses. Small businesses like Bakery & Cafe, Beauty & Spas or Clinic or Medical Centres, may opt for basic websites with few integrations, including live chat support or appointment scheduling, yet the websites should have rich designs and a well-defined digital marketing strategy.

Hiring an in-house developer makes sense only when businesses like Coaching Centres, Personal Trainers, and Tech Consultants require more technical integrations for hosting live video classes, providing an organized user dashboard with multiple functionalities, cloud storage space, payment integrations, and creating a membership website

But an in-house website developer is costly compared to popular options for small businesses.

Best-case scenario for freelancer vs agency for small business website design & web development


Popular choice is to hire a freelancer if you’re low on budget.


But what if agency prices start from USD 679 for small business website development?

Complexity, duration & urgency

Freelancers are great for short-time or one-time work


But for monthly maintenance and long-term commitment, agency partners are a trusted option.

Design & strategy advice

Freelancers often lack multiple resources to help small business owners with additional guidance.


Agencies offer all-in-one services from design, development, marketing, and content strategy to succeed online

Freelance programmers can help build affordable websites for your business. But their role is limited and ends with just developing websites. Hosting and maintenance of the website is a major task that often gets overlooked by businesses. 

To run a successful business online, a functional website is only one of the many prerequisites. Among other things, small businesses need dedicated resources to help them out with digital marketing including SEO/Content Marketing

With freelancers, small businesses will be left coordinating with multiple individuals to work for them. This is why a small business agency is a safer and good choice. 

Agencies are safe because they have a team of web designers, developers, and digital marketers who will always aim at meeting up your expectations and most certainly deliver on their commitments on time.

At, we offer a host of website design, redesign and development, and digital marketing services tailored to meet the unique expectations of small businesses. You will also find our pricing flexible as we schedule the pricing plan for different milestones that we set during the onboarding. 

Explore our small business web development services at affordable web development packages, designed to boost your online presence and drive growth.

Get a quick quote from us and start your online journey sooner than you expect! We are happy to help you! 

Manav Gupta
About the Author - Manav Gupta

Manav Gupta is a full-time CopyWriter at Small Business Web, where he works to benefit both professionals & enthusiasts in the field of Digital Marketing, Branding & Web Development by creating engaging content. Prior to joining Small Business Web, Manav was responsible for managing & executing content projects ranging from sales collateral to web content, ad copy to letters, business proposals to sales plans, and training manuals.

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