How Are Tech Wearables Transforming Fitness Studio & Gyms In The USA?

Fitness studios & Gyms across the country are in a race to upgrade their equipment and interiors to attract new members. 

The latest buzz around the industry is buying fancy IoT-based equipment for biomechanical diagnostics and feedback-led training. 

While this strategy is bound to attract new members, it will also inflate your business expenditure more compared to your revenue stream. 

If one thing that the recent pandemic has changed is the way we run offline businesses. 

As a personal trainer or an owner of a Fitness studio, you can open an online business channel complementary to your offline business. 
Without much investment in costly upgrades, you can leverage the wide-scale adoption of wearable tech and further integrate the data generated from it into a custom-built mobile application.

4 Reasons Why Your Fitness Business Should Invest In A Mobile App 

  • Tracking data from Wearables will provide additional revenue streams – Gyms can sell value-added services to the right member at the right time and at the right price
  • Wearables engage members for added retention – Gyms can send push notifications, class reminders, training tips, and more. 
  • Gamification makes going to the gym fun – Mobile apps with wearables can turn any workout session into a game for more engagement & fun!
  •  Open yourself to the global audience with live streaming of training classes, etc.

Gartner, Inc reported a global user spending on wearable devices at $81.5 billion in 2021. In the USA, the use of wearables increased from 9% to 33% in four years as of 2021.

The wearable tech trend is co-relative to the increased health consciousness among people. 

The US wearable tech audience is approximately 24.1 million people, with a 50:50 gender split. When categorized into age groups, the majority of users are under 45 years, between the ages of 25 and 44 years.

Further, it is also encouraging to note that over 55% use wearables for fitness/exercise.

Several experts in the industry believe that the only way wearable tech can help clients achieve their fitness goals is if they’re combined with personalized human coaching. 

A custom-built mobile app allows personal trainers to track and measure user-generated fitness data.

So, what you should do as a personal trainer or an owner of a Fitness Studio? 

Streamline Fitness Wearable & Tracker Data into a Mobile App 

Combining in-gym and digital home workouts helps fitness providers reach a much broader consumer base. One way to accomplish it is by linking clients’ wearable data into a custom-built mobile app. 

Fitness studios can now use the smartphone app to motivate clients, design regimens, monitor progress, and even celebrate personal fitness goal achievements! 

Custom diet plans

  • Personal trainers can track the data from wearables and further customize diet plans based on the client’s goal requirements. 
  • To help clients stay on track, the mobile app can be customized to track calories, product composition, and a variety of other important metrics to notify them in case of any deviance.

Custom training modules

  • The smartphone app can track calorie intake and measure how many calories are burned. 
  • Even in the gym, clients can exactly view if the training modules are effective in meeting their fitness goals. 
  • Any further course corrections made by trainers will be based on accurate performance metrics, thereby satisfying clients’ apprehensions. 

Add-On: AR & VR tech capabilities for home workouts

Open your services to a global audience by integrating Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) technologies with the recorded video content that goes on to your mobile app. 

With AR/VR tech, it is possible to gamify workout sessions. Personal trainers can design full-body workout sessions in a form of playing video games. This will encourage users to participate in regular exercises. 

Clients with special AR/VR headsets like the Oculus® Quest 2 can connect with your mobile app so users can have trainer-led VR sessions and immerse themselves in a fictional world, making home workouts even more fun!

Here’s a great resource to learn about how to shoot 360-degree videos for AR/VR integration.  

BASICALLY, it is all about making more sense of every data that wearables generate so that you can optimize it to help your client accomplish their fitness goals. 

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