11 Must-Have Features of Personal Trainer Website

Over the past few years, the personal trainer industry has transformed into a highly competitive market in the digital space. One of the best ideas to excel in the competition curve is to build a professional website with amazing functionalities.

Creating websites with excellent features is essential for establishing a robust online presence, especially for small businesses. Small business web development that results in a fully functional website not only allows you to showcase your fitness services but also enables you to stay active 24/7, attract prospects, generate leads, and expand your reach. If you’re interested in building a personal trainer website for your small business, it’s crucial to learn about the essential features of an online fitness website

Top Personal Trainer Website Features

Here, we have outlined the essential functionalities of a personal trainer website. These effective features will provide the best user experience to your website visitors.

Let’s dive in.

1. Visually Appealing Website Design

clean layout - Personal trainer website feature - Small Business Web

When considering website features, it’s crucial to recognize the significance of web design. Web design services for small businesses play a pivotal role in crafting websites with enticing color combinations, intuitive layouts, and elegant designs. These elements not only create a magnificent appearance but also facilitate seamless navigation for visitors. Moreover, engaging web design services can help small businesses create a pleasant online atmosphere and effectively capture the attention of their site visitors

According to PRNewswire, 94% of people decide either to stay or leave a website based on its design. It is possible to design fitness websites with awe-inspiring themes, minimalist layouts, beautiful colors, sans-serif fonts, and more. Skilled designers will have ample experience and can build an appealing personal trainer website.

2. Responsive Friendly

responsive design - Personal website feature - Small Business Web

Mobile-friendly websites provide a streamlined experience to visitors across devices such as laptops, tablets, watches, mobile phones, desktops, and others. With responsive friendly fitness websites, you can enhance the user experience, increase the visitors’ dwell time, optimize for search engines, and stay ahead of the competition curve.

One of the easiest ways to check your website’s mobile responsiveness is by using Google’s mobile-friendly tester tool.

3. Online Appointment Booking

appointment booking - Personal trainer website feature - Small Business Web

The online appointment booking feature saves you valuable time and effort. With no manual interactions from your end, the platform allows your trainees to pick a fitness service, choose their preferred date and time, pay for the service, and receive an email confirmation. Hence, by integrating online booking software on your website your prospects can reach you from anywhere irrespective of the timings.

There are so many ways to include online booking features on your fitness website like adding a link of the booking engine, integrating with online appointment plugins, using an API, developing a custom-coded booking system, etc. If you find any difficulties in working on these platforms, you can get help from the professional agencies like SmallBusinessWeb.

4. E-Commerce Functionality

E-Commerce Functionality - Personal website feature - Small Business Web

By integrating e-commerce features on your trainer website, there are better chances for expanding your turnover. Effective e-commerce solutions will help to deliver fitness products and services at your customers’ doorstep. Enabling e-commerce functionality will transform your website into a lucrative online store.

If you have plans to include an e-commerce feature on your personal trainer website, you can get help from our professional e-commerce website developers. We have ample experience in working with e-commerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Zencart, Virtuemart, and many more.

5. Online Chatbots

chatbot - Personal trainer website feature - Small Business Web

Online chatbots are virtual digital assistants on websites that provide proactive customer services and bridge the gap between you and the visitors. According to FinanceDigest, AI chatbots will power 95% of all customer interactions by 2025.

Online chatbots answer the visitors’ queries and interact with them instantly. This enhances the user experience of your fitness clients.

Additionally, chatbots with analytics features assist you in understanding your visitors’ interests, likes, and dislikes. Therefore, if you are looking for effective ways to offer personalized fitness services to clients, online chatbots feature pays it off!

6. Online Training Classes

Online Training Classes - - Personal website feature - Small Business Web

Online classes are a flexible and cost-effective approach to reach prospects in different geographical locations. Also, with the help of online training classes, you can provide customized one-to-one training classes.

Online fitness training feature has turned the traditional personal trainer industry into a smart profitable niche. People opting for online personal training classes will hire only a certified professional trainer. They collect the information from your website, social media profiles, current clients’ testimonials, etc. Hence, it is necessary to add details like experience, qualification, personal details, and others in the right way.

7. Transformation Photos Section

Transformation Photos - Personal website feature - Small Business Web

Before and after photos of clients have a positive impact on boosting the credibility of your fitness products and services. In the transformation photos section, you can showcase photos, videos, short documentaries, etc about your clients’ weight loss or weight gain experience.

This will create awareness about your fitness training among prospects. Also, before and after photos become proof that your fitness training really works great on unique body shapes, genders, and age groups. Therefore, the transformation photos section is a must-have feature on your personal trainer website.

8. Search Functionality

Search Functionality - Personal website feature - Small Business Web

A search function is one of the perfect key features of a user-friendly personal trainer website. According to SearchEngineJournal, over 40% of website owners say that a search box is the most important feature on a website.

If you have hundreds of pages categorized on your website, the search function helps your website visitors to quickly find the particular information that he/she is looking for. With a well-structured search function, you can know the intention of each client’s search and offer personalized services.

Also, by integrating extended functionalities like spell check, auto-correction, auto-suggestion, you can provide a hassle-free experience to your visitors for exploring all your services.

9. Dashboard/Account Management

Dashboard Account Management - Personal trainer website feature - Small Business Web

Well-designed dashboards are key performance indicators on a personal trainer website. It collects the data of the activities and provides an overall summary with charts, graphs, or maps.

Dashboards must contain sections such as edit profile, appointment history, last payment made, products purchased, and others. Further, by implementing the auto-updating feature in the dashboard you can help your trainees keep track of their activities in your online fitness studio. With an active dashboard feature in your fitness website, you can allow trainees to edit and view all the details related to their account in one quick glance.

10. Clear and Precise Content

Clear and Precise Content - Personal website feature - Small Business Web

Personal trainer website with impressive content offers better chances to boost your online business. Moreover, blog content such as tips for maintaining fitness level, free-time workout ideas, nutrition diet plans, finding the best fitness tracking wearables, and more will convey your expertise to the readers.

As your blogs provide tremendous wellness tips and ideas to the visitors, it makes them stay connected with your products and services. If you find it challenging to create rich content for blogs, then hire professional writers. We have written a detailed article on how to write an SEO friendly blog post, have a look to learn more.

11. Effective Call-To-Actions

Effective Call-To-Actions - Personal website feature - Small Business Web

Call-to-action, the most crucial functionality on personal trainer websites that motivates visitors to take specified actions. With well-placed CTA buttons, you can easily collect the personal information of the visitors including email ID, phone number, and others to begin successful marketing.

For instance, Fitness World, a professional fitness trainer website with quick revisions on their CTA phrases was able to boost the company’s click-through-rate by 213.16%. On the whole, CTAs play an important role in converting leads.

To Wrap it Up

When it comes to building a comprehensive personal trainer website, essential features like price listings, available services, interactive map views, business hours, links to social media profiles, gender preferences, user ratings, and a compelling brand overview are indispensable. However, to truly stand out and capture the attention of your potential audience, it’s essential to consider enhanced features that leverage the latest technologies. These advanced Small business web development services and website development packages for small businesses can help you create a cutting-edge fitness website that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors..

Therefore, build a powerful fitness website that entices your prospective visitors, attracts the search engines, and that meets your business goals! At Small Business Web, we have proficient fitness website developers and designers to create websites with the latest features.

Explore our affordable web development packages for small business, designed to boost your online presence and drive growth

Feel free to get in touch with our team. You can either drop us a line or call us (+1 (919) 234-5140). We are happy to extend our arm of support to you!

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