Welcome to the Digital Transformation Series! A new set of guides for various industries to help them in Digital Transformation.

Each time we create a video under this Digital Transformation Series, we plan to cover from the basics after all research and the experience we have gained over these years. This time we have tried to dig deeper into the fashion industry. Anyone who wants to transform their business online can access the video to understand what’s in trend and how much does it cost to build a fashion website.  

Let’s Start!

Small fashion businesses list

There are many small fashion businesses out there today, from Women owned clothing stores, fashion brands to fashion YouTuber, Fashion Marketer – there are many small fashion businesses.

How to start fashion business online?

Today. most of the fashion businesses are products oriented, and there are some good services businesses too. For their fashion products to sell online, one should start with an eCommerce website along with their branding strategies. Choose the fashion niche after doing a good market research about the audience. For example, if your niche is online clothing store, then look at the different business models online. Define your online clothing store business plan with various analysis of competitor, & market data. Create an online store from a professional web development agency – don’t make a mistake here. Having a good website business partner is much needed for a long-term if you are new to online fashion world.

How to start an online boutique store in a nutshell?

Once after you finalise the online business model and service provider to build your online boutique website, choose a right domain. Get an expert advice there, if you are affordable to purchase an old domain, it will give you a turbo start with your website launch plan. Make a consultation with your digital agency partner for the right e-commerce platform. Shopify is a leader in the small business eCommerce, however, Woocommerce store also a great choice. Magento is advisable when there are many branches and many channels of the business. Once the website is launched, creating a digital presence across social channels and engaging with the segmented audience will help us with branding and sales.

Success factors of e-commerce business

Everything is about how you treat your customers. Customer support is the backbone of any eCommerce. Amazon’s prime success is rooted there. Product photos are playing a huge role – whether it’s on their website, social media or with their offline brand advertising. Ecommerce sales will give you more success, when you start sharing stories, success stories of your customers. Customer retainment is the way to attract great referrals, word-of-mouth brand reputations. Products on the website, should be easy to find and secured to transact. Partnering with many other bloggers, influencers will help the business driving faster. Going with the latest trends, with right offers, makes an e-commerce website always works best for their customers.

Budget for small business fashion industries

Fashion industry products are many from shoes, to paper magazines to digital goods. With SmallBusinessWeb.co channel, we can start an eCommerce website in WooCommerce or Shopify, a basic website can start from USD 1200. With a moderate number of products, and pages, a website can be build in range of USD 5K to USD 15K, including SEO setups.

Digital Marketing budget for small business fashion industries

For eCommerce website, digital marketing should be their primary ongoing startegy. Would recommend a budget of USD 2K on SEO, Social media at the time of starting the business. Eventually, this should goto USD 6K to 25K, depending on their website traffic and sales volume.

So, What’s Next?

Are you looking for a fashion business website? We at SmallBusinessWeb are a team of creative experts who can help you strategize and tailor craft a website that will help you transform your business digitally.

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