Cost Breakdown For Small Electrical Manufacturers To Build An E-Commerce Website

Are E-Commerce sites profitable? 

Why E-Commerce, is it still a future game? 

Every small business owner in the USA realized the importance of investing in an online channel for sales in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

While most small electrical manufacturers list their products on marketplace websites like Amazon or e-Bay, they are not scalable for B2B purchases in terms of business profitability and user experience. 

As the eCommerce industry is growing 23% year-over-year, 46% of American small businesses have yet to invest in small business web development for their own e-commerce websites.

In fact, having your own e-commerce website will create your unique brand reputation online.

What does it take to build an E-Commerce website? 

Choosing the right e-commerce platform
  • This is where you update product listings. 
  • Most prefer SaaS-based solutions for a quick start. 
  • There are headless commerce solutions for custom options.
E-Commerce website building
  • Treat it as a well-designed cover envelope that is holding & presenting your product listings.
Purchase domain name
  • siness and under popular internet domains like .com, .biz, .net, or so on. 
  • ICANN requires you to renew domain names by paying a fee annually.
Choosing e-commerce hosting
  • This is how your e-commerce website goes live. 
  • Cloud-based hosting is more affordable for small businesses than on-premise hosting.  
  • Shared hosting is usually offered by most SaaS-basede-commerce platforms.

Here are two alternatives for any small-scale manufacturer willing to set up their own e-commerce website.

OPTION1: SaaS-based e-commerce website builder for small electrical manufacturers

Top E-commerce website providers like Shopify, BigCommerce, EcWid, or Square eCommerce offer A-Z solutions fulfilling all the requirements to build an e-commerce website. 

Typically, an electrical manufacturer’s e-commerce website will have 100-1000 products mostly for consumer electronics – PCBs, Discrete Component Manufacturing, Battery manufacturing, Low-End IC manufacturing, LED manufacturing, Measuring Equipment, and more. 

These small businesses can start listing products and run their own e-Commerce websites from the first day itself. The cost of building a do-it-yourself (DIY) e-commerce website using WooCommerce, or Shopify could range between $3,000-$5,000. 

Caution: Prices continue to increase as your sales start to grow. Additionally, the cost of hosting applies. 
Here is a good resource on How to Price and Arrange Your Items for Maximum Sales.

OPTION2: Custom e-commerce website development cost for small electrical manufacturers

Custom website development is perfect for manufacturers who are looking to sell more through their B2B website online. The cost is not linked to an increase in sales or the website is scalable for future revisions at no cost, unlike SaaS-based platforms. 

E-Commerce Website Development Cost Breakdown for Small Electrical Manufacturers

ServicesBasic Agency Cost (100 listings)Basic Freelance Cost (100 listings)
UX/UI Design$2,000+$105/hour
Custom Development - Web front-end & web back-end including essentials like eCommerce website hosting cost, SSL certificate price, Payment integrations, etc.$30,000+$250/hour
Content Development$8000+ with Photos/Videos along with Content Strategy$135/hour without Photos/Videos
Quality Assurance & Project Management$10,000+Rarely offered
Total setup$50000+$490/hour
Timeabout 3 monthsuncertain

Many aspects build up the cost for eCommerce website. You can go for low-cost e-commerce website design by targeting the following factors: 

  • Size of product inventory and SKUs 
  • Choice of vendor – a freelance, an in-house team, or a remote agency. 
  • Complexity of website design & functionality
  • Cost of B2B Marketing and SEO expenditures 

Agencies/freelance developers make extensive use of platforms like Woo commerce, Magento, or Shopify to custom build an eCommerce website for your small business. 

Confused between Option 1 and Option 2? 

Let’s clear your confusion over a call. Click here to talk to us! 

Low-Cost E-Commerce Website Design

There can’t be a single appropriate response to “how much does an eCommerce website cost?” as every manufacturer has different inventories to showcase. 

Product SKUs for any small electrical manufacturer can be scaled to any size possibly varying across categories. Same way, we can handle a single category to ‘N’ number of categories for listing on your e-commerce website. 

We recommend you schedule a project discussion call with us today. Our business analyst together with the technical back-end team will consult you for free and propose a rough budget for your e-commerce website development.

We offer favorable rates and experienced teams for low-cost eCommerce website development that allow overall savings from 40 to 60% of your budget! 

Explore our small business web development services affordable web development packages for small business, designed to boost your online presence and drive growth.

If you’re willing to collaborate with us, you can contact our website development team at any moment by sending us a message or calling us at (919) 234-5140 

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