How to do SEO for an E-commerce Small Business Website? – Starter Kit

SEO for small business e-commerce websites seems to be an important vein. Ignoring SEO would be a nightmare for your small business. In this starter kit series, we’ve already covered topics that are needed for a small business website development.

If you haven’t checked it yet, do give it all a read! In this post, we will walk you through the basics of SEO implementations to your small e-commerce website. Let’s dive deeper into it. If you’re looking for expert assistance to optimize your e-commerce website’s SEO, consider partnering with a trusted SEO agency for small businesses.

Let’s dig deeper into it.     

1. Why should Your E-commerce Small Business Need SEO?

Few years back, have you ever heard the term – “SEO”? Obviously, not only you, nobody would say YES. Search Engine Optimization, SEO in short, began to lay its foundation only in the last twenty years.    

Before the emergence of SEO, in traditional marketing, business owners like you were advertising on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and other media platforms. 

Customers, on the other end, look at the product ad, visit the store in-person to buy the same. But, as time & trends rolled out, customers have changed their traditional practice of how they did before ten to five years back to explore something. 

They just whispered – “Hey, Google”, and that’s it, information will be displayed in seconds. And now, not only for information, people are turning up to Google and other online marketplaces to buy groceries, outfits, makeup products, home appliances, and whatever you name it.   

And, this is where you need to optimize your website for SEO, so when customers search related to something that your brand also offers, your website might be visible in their search lists. You’ve two options to do this. 

  • Organic SEO
  • Paid SEO
  • Well, organic Search Engine Optimization, which is shortly called SEO is a process of improving the quality of your small business website, product details, and other sections to boost the visibility of your brand on search engines thereby nurturing the overall traffic
  • Organic SEO is completely free unlike paid SEO, and traffic coming through this is completely organic, you don’t have to pay for those leads

2. Effective SEO Tactics for Your E-commerce Small Business Website

By now, you would have got a clear picture of why you should consider SEO for your e-commerce website. 

For small businesses, acquiring visibility among well-established big brands would be daunting! That’s when you can turn towards local SEO. Comparatively, you’ll find it easy to boost customer traffic to your online store within your geographical location. 

Also, search engines like Google always aim at delivering the best relevant results to their users. For e.g. if a user searches – “coffee shops near me” (or) “best beauty salons in Vancouver”, Googlebot crawls the web pages looking for location-centric keywords & citations and lists those businesses.

Did you know?      

  • 97% of users searched online to find a local business
  • With over 3.5B+ searches being received by Google every day, more than 1.6B+ are made with local intent
  • 72% of consumers that did a local search visited a store within five miles according to HubSpot
  • Google reported that there has been a 900% increase in “near me” searches

Without any further delays, let’s get into some local SEO strategies when done right will help you take a step ahead of your local competitors.

1. Setup Your Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is a free listing from Google which is the first thing users see in the search results when searching for something that matches with your products/services. In a survey, 64% of customers use Google My Business to find the address and phone number of a local business. 

As it’s integrated with Google Maps, it displays the location directing local foot traffic to your brick-and-mortar store. You can even add more details like business hours, customer reviews, photos, etc. 

How to Setup Your Google My Business Profile?

Step 1: Create a dedicated Google account exclusively for your small business, which can also be used as your Google Business Profile Manager. 

Step 2: Add your business to the appropriate category.

Small Business E-commerce Website SEO(Google Business) - SmallBusinessWeb

Step 3: Enter the location of your physical store along with the map. If you don’t have a location, you can list the services offered in-person at the customer’s place.

Small Business E-commerce Website SEO(Google Business Profile) - SmallBusinessWeb

Step 4: Enter your phone number for customers to reach you. This is optional.

Small Business E-commerce Website SEO(Google Profile Contact) - SmallBusinessWeb

Step 5: Enter your physical address for Google to verify your location. This is just for verification purposes, it’ll not be displayed to the public.

Small Business E-commerce Website SEO(Google) - SmallBusinessWeb

Step 6: Customize your profile by entering your business hours, messaging preferences, descriptions, and photos. 

Small Business E-commerce Website SEO (Google Profile Manager) - SmallBusinessWeb

2. Add Local Keywords

What are Local Keywords?

Local keywords are certain phrases that your local audience types into the search engine bars when looking for a result. Keywords contain one or more phrases. For e.g. a user who is looking for keywords research tools types into the search bar – ‘best keyword research tools’. This is considered as the keyword. 

One thing that matters is you’ve to implant the right keywords that your target audience use while searching and that match your niche. 

How to do Local Keywords Research?  

  • Find industry-related keywords
  • Use keyword modifiers
  • Include local-based keywords
  • Utilize keyword research tools
  • See what your competitor does
  • Make use of what Google autocomplete suggests   

3. Optimize Local Citations

Local citations are nothing but the online reference of your local business on various online directories and websites. They include your business name, address, and phone number. These citations pave the way for your prospects to find your business on the web. 

Citations are considered a crucial ranking factor of local SEO for small businesses, therefore, if you get mentions from well-authorized local directories, it helps boost your ranking in the local search results. 

Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, Foursquare are a few popular online directories for local citations. Brightlocal has rounded off more than 50+ authorized online directories for citations, do checkout.   

Not only these, you’ve a myriad of SEO strategies like link building, on-page & off-page SEO, guest blogging, tags optimization, and many more for small e-commerce businesses. Since this is a starter kit, we don’t want to overwhelm you.  

If you can implement all these tactics, there are chances to obtain better visibility on search results. However, handling all these definitely requires experience and skills. 

Therefore, you’re not alone, SmallBusinessWeb can assist you in your local SEO activities. Feel free to call us or drop us a message, at any time. We’re ready to lend our supporting arm to you! 🙂

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