Steps For Building A Personal Training Website – Digital Tranformation Series

Welcome to the Digital Transformation Series! A new set of guides for various industries to help them in Digital Transformation.

Each time we create a video under this Digital Transformation Series, we plan to cover from the basics after all research and the experience we have gained over these years. This time we have tried to dig deeper the personal training industry. Anyone who owns a gym, a fitness studio, a fitness trainer who wants to transform their business online can access the video to understand what’s in trend and how much does it cost to build a personal trainer website.  

Let’s Start!

Under small businesses, personal training is thriving via online in the current circumstance. B2C, B2B segments of small business are having good opportunities.

In B2C level, there are Personal Trainers and Students. A Personal trainer can be a Yoga Teacher, Fitness Coach, Athlete Coach, Dance and personal educational coach. They can also be a solopreneur or franchise owner.

In B2B level, on the supply side, there are Product companies who have products like home based fitness machines, electronic gadgets, and personal gadgets. In the demand side, Personal trainers & coaches are the buyers of those different products. All these businesses moving online is the need of the hour now.

How can Personal Trainers start online?

Irrespective of the circumstances, one should use the opportunities of both the online & offline world, meaning, they should equally treat or respect both values of the business.

For this, branding is the first and must have recommendation. If you own a personal brand, it’s more powerful than a small business in a perspective. After branding, creating a functional website for their audience and engaging the community on selected Social media channels would be a great reputation builder. So, branding, website and social media engagement are the important things for personal training, especially via online.

Personal branding is very important for solopreneurs.

Common features in a functional website for Personal Trainers

Functional website is nothing but a website which is easy to access for the users / website audience. If trainers are offering memberships – their membership plans, coaching bundle features should be clear and crisp. If payment is attached with the membership plans, the user buying journey can be super simple, easy with multiple payment options like accepting credit cards, debit cards, Paypal and net banking in a secured way.

If the coaching enrollment is done based on the daily schedule / time table, this should be easily in sync with users’ different calendar systems like Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Office 360 etc..

If personal trainers are offering Live Training via FB, YouTube that can be LIVE Stream on website too, with a single flash click from the home page. If a Personal trainer is conducting events via online like webinars and workshops, the same 3rd party platform can be integrated with the website to provide both Live & on-demand content providing experience. And, small cart with WooCommerce in WordPress-like features would help them to sell products & bundles. Apart from Contact forms, there are Quote forms, Review / Feedback / Testimonial forms that are good to have on their website.

Cost to build a personal trainer website

With our channel, we offer quick website packages starting from $450. it’s based on our agency Divi WordPress licence, just for the CMS pages, photo gallery and contact us form. If we need to add business specific features like discussed above, the cost will come up to $2500 with us.

Recommendation on Digital Marketing for the personal trainer business niche owners

Social media community engagement & branding are the key things for personal trainers’ marketing needs. As lead generation is mostly happening via referrals, these business owners can try Social Media ads with reviews from their existing customer base.

Email marketing is good for the large customer base with new offers. Continuous investment on social media maintenance would be recommended. We offer these starter packages in our SmallBusinessWeb.Co website.

So, What’s Next?

Are you looking for a personal trainer website? We at SmallBusinessWeb are a team of creative experts who can help you strategize and tailor craft a website that will help you transform your business digitally.

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