How to Build a Small Business Website Under $1000?

Are you curious to know how to create a good-looking website for your small business under $1000?

It is possible to create smart websites for your small business under $1000. You can build a good-looking, professional, and informational website for small business with standard customization and basic functionalities.

We came across many blogs around the web about the cost of building a small business website. This made us focus on the pricing for building custom-based small business website development packages for business, catering to both newbies and expert business groups.

Let’s dive in

1. Align Business Goals With Your Website

According to BusinessInsider, 51% of small businesses have their own business website. A website is the one that showcases your business to the online world. Like promoting your business in the physical marketing medium such as flyers, banners, TV ads, etc you have to market your business on the internet via websites.

The most important point is that before creating a website for your small business, you need to consider the role your website plays in promoting your business. Understanding this crucial aspect can help you make informed decisions when it comes to Small business web development services.

It is easy to accomplish your small business goals with the help of a fully-featured website. This is because websites improve online users’ experience, maximize profitability and help to reach the potential audience.

2. Selecting Domain Name & Web Hosting

In this DigiTech world, you need to make the best use of your small business websites to develop your online presence. Choosing an appropriate domain name for your website will build credibility, increase brand recognition, and may improve search engine ranking.

With the proper usage of web hosts, you can speed up your site’s load time, boost up the search engine rankings, and more. Website hosting is the place where your website gets stored therefore it is the foundation stone for your website. The choice of your website host will make your website run successfully on the internet.

General Domain & Pricing

  • .com – $9.99/year
  • .org – $14.99/year
  • .net – $12.99/year

Country-based Domain & Pricing

  • .ca(Canada) – $11.99/month for registration
  • Kingdom) – $24.99/month for registration
  • .us(United States) – $8.99/month for registration

Domain names for your websites can be purchased from accredited registrars like Bluehost, Inmotionhosting, SiteGround, etc.

Pricing Comparison Chart of Bluehost, Inmotionhosting, SiteGround

Website space50GBUnlimited10GB

So, to develop your small business website you will need both domain name and web hosting account. On average, a domain name costs $14.99/year, and web hosting costs $7.99/month.

3. Website Building Platform

Before choosing the platform for building your website, you should make sure that the platform can fulfill your business requirements and enhance your online business effectively.

Remember that your site is the 24/7 representation of your business and so pay attention to present your website attractively. With the help of a fully-featured website, users can perform activities like online booking, shopping, etc.

On that scale, the most preferable website builders are the drag-and-drop user-friendly builders.
WordPress is one of the top website builders and content management systems with numerous add-ons for specialized & customized functionalities.

WordPress CMS can be installed for free. Also, with the help of WordPress, you can set up websites quickly without programming knowledge.

4. Divi & Elementor WordPress Builders

Page builders have a great role in enhancing your small business website. With just a few clicks, they allow you to easily transform your normal website into a highly user-friendly website. As you can perform editing operations from the front-end itself, setting up these types of builders will help you save a lot of time and money. Here we have listed two different WordPress builders – the right builders for your website and your Small business web development services needs.

Divi Builder

Divi Builder is a front-end drag & drop page builder with a user-friendly interface and mobile- responsive feature. Also, it is easy to manage the edits that you have made on your website. Divi is the best suitable builder for many freelancers, web design services providers, and website owners.

Pricing of Divi Builder

  • $89 – yearly access for hundreds of website packs
  • $249 – lifetime access for hundreds of website packs

Elementor Builder

Elementor page builder is a free front-end editing builder. There is a wide variety of tools and elements for designing purposes. You can create a perfect mobile responsive website with the help of Elementor builder. It includes 50+ widgets & 100+ beautiful customizable templates.

Pricing of Elementor Builder

  • $49/year for 1 site
  • $99/year for 3 sites
  • $199/year for 1000 sites

5. Website Developer Charge

It is an accepted fact that every small business needs a website. You can build websites in two different ways either with the help of a freelancer or via web development agencies.

While hiring freelancers it is slightly challenging to predict the credibility of the freelancers whereas the agencies’ reputation can be checked via online reviews, past client work, awards, testimonials and more.

While working with a web agency, there will be a skillful team working on the project, including web strategists, web designers, project managers, and web developers. They all work as a team, and each team member will bring a different set of skills to deliver positive outcomes to the project. This collaborative approach is especially valuable when considering website development packages for small business.

The freelancers will charge you on hour-based whereas the agencies will charge you on the project-based.

Hour-based rates – The average cost of building websites ranges around $150 to $450 per hour.

Project-based rates – The average cost of building websites will be starting from $450 for a single project.

If you wish to work with the top web development agencies, then SmallBusinessWeb will be the right choice. We offer comprehensive web design services and web development services that will help your small business website reach maximum customers. We will make sure that the websites we create will deliver positive results for your small business.

6. Website Content – Pricing

The key to a successful website is having impressive and quality-rich content that powerfully delivers the right message to the viewers. All the other components of your website such as design, visuals, videos, taglines, slogans, etc provide a secondary support role.

The content on your website will easily target your audience, engage them and persuade them to take action.

For providing attractive content, you can get help from content writers who have experience in writing inspiring content that will grab the attention of your target audience.

The average rate of writing 5 pages content on the website including the homepage, will be around $205.

Multimedia Content

Attractive images, videos, illustrations, infographics, diagrams, and interactive presentations are a great way to drive more audiences to your website. Try to avoid stock photography in your content which might decrease your credibility.

Before hiring a graphic designer for your small business website, make sure that the designer is passionate about doing the job. Only passionate designers can drive positive results.

7. Basic SEO Setup – Pricing

Today, it is essential to set up SEO strategies to get better search engine rankings for your website. If you want to outpace the competition, then you should keep up with the latest SEO trends. A professional SEO consultant will assist you to identify the SEO importance for successfully running your online business.

SEO starter package is a collection of all required features for your small business website. SmallBusinessWeb offers SEO starter packs at $199 with features such as on-page metrics, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and many more. If you want to add more advanced functionalities, the price will vary accordingly.

8. Additional Digital Marketing – Pricing

With effective digital marketing techniques, you can put your business ahead of the competition! If you have quality content on your website, you can easily enhance your online presence and let people know your business a little better!

Hours19 hours27 hours47 hours
Blog post1 blog post2 blog post/infographic6 blog post/ infographic
Social media creative content030610

If you need any help in successfully implementing digital marketing tactics, you can reach our professional digital marketing services at SmallBusinessWeb.

Tabulation of Average Cost of Building a Small Business Website

Small Business Website RequirementsAverage Cost
Domain and Web Hosting$100
Page Builders$100
Web Development$450
Content Creation$150
Basic SEO Setup$200
Total Cost$1000


In today’s world, it is essential to have websites on your own for promoting your small business services and reaching prospective audiences.

Set up goals before creating websites that your small business websites should be a good medium for communicating with your potential audience. Follow the steps we have provided to register a domain name, find a hosting solution, and build a site that meets your business needs and budget.

Explore our affordable web development packages for small business, designed to boost your online presence and drive growth offered by our small business web development services.

If you have plans to create a website for your small business, SmallBusinessWeb is the right choice. We have an expert team who will support you in building well-organized websites.

If you need any help in building your small business websites under $1000, feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to support you.

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