5 Creative Tips For Small Businesses To Build Their Compelling Brand Story

It’s not about finding clients that will make a brand successful, finding the right clients does! If you create a brand for everyone, chances are it will lose traction over some time. 

That’s why the art of persuasive storytelling is important! Our small business digital marketing agency understands the significance of reaching the right audience.

People don’t buy products! Of course, customers do make purchasing decisions based on several things like value for money, product quality, reviews, and much more. But when you look at world-class physical products like iPhones, and Rolex watches they have something in common. 

The Brand’s Story! 

Apple INC., connects with their elite audience through one of the old-school marketing strategies. Storytelling! They tell convincing stories that are equally persuasive, making the buyer take action. Their brand storytelling started with Apple’s iconic founder Steve Jobs’ iPhone presentation. 

Everyone was excited about what Steve Jobs was going to launch on Jan 9, 2007!

He introduced the iPhone that day and to date, it remains one of the most successful brands ever built on our planet. But how did he make his brand story compelling that the crowd gathered there celebrated a mobile launch like a music festival? 

He didn’t launch a phone that day. 

He launched three great products!

  • A phone.
  • A music player
  • An internet communicator.

All in one! Then, to everyone’s surprise, he took the smartphone out of his jeans pocket and launched not just a phone but iPhone to the world. If you want to watch Steve’s classic presentation, check out the video right here.

After this launch, the iPhone became an emotion. A perfect example of a great brand that didn’t sell its products but has great stories. Likewise, people buy emotions related to that story. 

“Our goal is to make the best devices in the world, not to be the biggest.”

Steve Jobs

5 Creative Tips to Build a Compelling Brand Story

How do you create your own brand story? Use these 5 tips as a base to create a compelling brand story.

1. List Down Your Client’s Persona

  • Who are your clients? 
  • What do they do? 
  • Where do they go? 
  • Do they live paycheck to paycheck? 
  • Who do they hang out with? 
  • What social media apps do they use the most? 

Asking these questions will improve your brand voice and also help you to niche down your audience and your efforts too. That’s why listing down your buyer’s persona is vital as it allows for market segmentation. Segmenting your customers into different groups will help you know each group’s desires and purchasing habits. Once you split the target audience, you could set up your workflow according to it. 

Here is a video about a different perspective on a niche from entrepreneur and motivational speaker Gary Vee

2. Have a Consistent Brand Voice

Your logo doesn’t have to speak about your brand all time, likewise, the color palettes and brand guidelines don’t have to have a logical connection with your brand. All you need to do with your brand is to experiment a little with marketing strategies like A/B testing, and third-party review, and then go ahead with your gut feel.

Staying consistent with your brand voice after a few trial and error experiments is what makes a brand stand out from all other brands. Here is a set of brand guidelines examples you can use for staying relevant and consistent.

  • Primary Color Palette: Yellow and Black | Secondary: White, Red, and Green
  • Copy tone: Rhyming, Short, Simple, questions
  • Logo Position on creatives: Left bottom corner
  • Social Media Posting time: 3 PM on Insta and YouTube
  • Social Media Frequency: 1 Post/day

You can add up to this list but the important thing is to stay consistent with your brand voice. It is a discipline you’d have to impart to make people recognize your brand in a jiffy. Be it billboard advertising or shorts on YouTube, your brand voice is an important component of your brand story.

3. Invest Time in Creating Vertical Videos

This is the era of videos. While blogs are still the king when it comes to SEO, going big even with a single video can improve your brand’s reach. 

For example, if you’re into the organic supplement business, your target audience is primarily teenagers who want to gain some weight. You don’t need great actors to perform and market your brand to gain outreach. All you need is your smartphone, a handy boya mic, and basic editing software like Canva and Inshorts.  

If you’re into writing and creation, you already know how to set up things to showcase your product or service to the world. But if you’re not, you can find great freelancers from sites like Fever and Upwork to write a script, and create and edit videos. The more content you post on your social media handle, the more business opportunities it creates amongst your potential customers. One viral short or reel explaining the benefits of organic supplements may gain enough subscribers and followers who might become your loyal customer base in the long run.

4. Utilize the Art of Persuasion

Knowing what your clients want is good but what is great is using the art of persuasion to go that extra mile to make your customer satisfied. Look at this example. If you’re going to two shops to try out a french dessert, the first shop owner invites you and asks for your order, bills it and you exit the store. The second shop owner invites you with a big smile on his face, asks for your order and sees your confused face, suddenly jumps in with his recommended suggestions, and gives you samples. He also converses about how these are made and shows the feedback notebook too. You converse with him and develop a bond and then you order something to eat out of his suggestions and wave back at him with excitement leaving the store. Which French dessert store will you visit again? Of Course! The second store. He just kept a pleasant face while discussing the different aspects of his store and then you have your snack. You’d take your friends next time not just for the taste of the desserts there (product quality cannot be compromised with brand stories!!!) but also for the friendly atmosphere of the store. 

5. Know Your Why?

  • Ask yourself this single most important question. 
  • Why am I into this business?

So, before doing all the above 4, take a piece of paper, a pen, and a pad. Write why you’re investing your time and efforts into your brand. That will be a good place to start. Do it now.

Write down whatever comes to your mind without editing any part of it. Auto Writing will open up your trapped ideas and once you discover your “why”, making a great brand story is a piece of cake. As you have truly unveiled your intentions about the product or service, now you know what you stand for and know the brand story is as compelling as the truth.

And, if you’re still confused about your brand story and you’re looking for someone who has already done it successfully, you can connect with our small business digital marketing service expertise. Make use of our branding services and explore our Digital marketing packages for small business to build a brand that lasts forever.

We, at SmallBusinessWeb can strategically come up with a lot of ideas to build you a compelling brand story. You can reach us at +91-94427-89110 or drop us a message, we’re in this together with you!

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