5 Top Digital Marketing Tactics for Your Beauty and Spa Websites

Are you looking to brush up your beauty and spa digital marketing strategies in 2020? If your answer is yes, then you have reached the right place.

Over the past few decades, the beauty industry seems to be exponentially growing and is also expected to grow strongly in the coming years. One of the main reasons for the industry’s growth is the development of digital marketing technologies.

Effective digital marketing tactics provided by our small business digital marketing agency can assist you to easily catch up with your prospective audience. You can sparkle at every point of your business if you provide excellent services according to your customer’s requirements.

To support you on that scale, we have outlined the best digital marketing tactics that will support you in developing your beauty spa in 2020 and beyond.

Let’s begin.

1. Enhance Visibility Through Retargeting Advertising

Online advertising plays a major role in communicating with your existing clients and potential audience. Since this will create awareness among the audience about your beauty spa on a larger scale, it is worth investing in digital advertising channels.

With the help of Google AdWords, there are chances for driving more leads & sales to your beauty business in the online space. Also, social media ads such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter support you in welcoming new clients and accelerating your current customers’ engagement with your online beauty business.

Retargeting advertising is one of the best advertising solutions for boosting your online business growth. According to YourBrandVoice, 26% of customers who are exposed to retargeting return again to your website. Also, a study from Invespcro states,3 out of 4 customers take actions by responding to the retargeting ads.

Only 2% of people visit a website and perform activities such as purchasing face packages, booking a hair massaging service, etc. The remaining 98% of visitors can be redirected to your website via retargeting advertisements.

2. Build an Engaging Online Community

Online community is a great marketing strategy to establish your brand individuality. With the help of the online community, you can keep your clients engaged, suggest beauty tips, discuss beauty ideas, and more.

Online community would be the perfect option to build a long-lasting community with your spa clients. According to Venngage, 77% of businesses believe that an online community enhances brand exposure, awareness, and credibility among their audience.

Building an online community for your beauty spa supports you in interacting with your audience via emails, messages, social media channels, etc. As you interact with your clients on a regular basis, it will drive them towards your brand!

3. Setup Online Booking Software

Do you have online booking software for your beauty spa website? If yes, make sure that the software manages all the bookings and takes care of your spa business. If not, then this is the right time to invest in booking software.

Research from Acuity Scheduling shows that over 40% of bookings are made 1 day in advance, which occurred during non-business hours. With the help of online booking software, it is easy for you to automate your schedule 24/7.

An online booking software will help you to keep track of client appointments. The software will send reminders to your clients about the appointment prior to the scheduled dates thereby reducing no-shows.

According to FitSmallBusiness.com, 25% of customers prefer to book their spa appointments online. So, online booking software is a powerful marketing tool that supports you in connecting to a pool of audiences.

4. Be Active on Social Media Spaces

Today, social media marketing has turned to be the lifeblood for the enhancement of many small businesses such as beauty spas. According to Oberlo, 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been very effective for their business. Implementing the right marketing tactics will make you stay active on the powerful social media channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other channels.

Most importantly, if you want your spa to gain more online visibility then you should not fail to inspire your visitors with your social media posts. Based on a study by Lyfemarketing, 71% of consumers who have had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.

You should include more options for easy sharing, liking, commenting so that these activities will make the visitors engage with your posts. With the proper marketing strategies, you can grab the benefits of building a strong interactive relationship with your social media followers.

5. Generate Attractive Content

Content marketing is one of the powerful indirect marketing methods that should be inscribed in your brand promotion tactics. Inspiring content can be compared to providing free materials to teach your potential audience about your products and services.

For instance, when you publish an article on the question how can the best hair moisturizers help you to recover from hair damage? People who are suffering from hair damage problems will go through your article and will not delay to catch up with you! Thus, through unique content, you will get positive results more easily than you expected!

Optinmonster states that content is worth optimizing because 95% of people only look at the first page of search results. If your content seems to be appealing to the users, search engines will crawl your spa website and place it in better rankings. If you find any difficulty in developing quality content about your beauty services, you can get assistance from professional content writers at SmallBusinessWeb.


Digital marketing is one of the best ways to reach new beauty clients and achieve your spa business goals. So, these effective marketing strategies will be an ideal start-off for developing your beauty spa. It is the mind of all human beings to look beautiful and handsome. With the help of these best digital marketing tactics, begin to beautify your clients based on their requirements.

There are two ways to implement these powerful tactics for your spa’s brand promotion. Either you can apply these strategies on your own or get support from our small business digital marketing agency. At small business web, expert strategists will include excellent marketing strategies, therefore working with them will help you to tackle the latest digital marketing techniques for your small business.

If you need any such assistance from digital marketing professionals, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team can put effort into making your online beauty business a grand success, offering affordable digital marketing packages tailored to your specific goals.

What other digital marketing tactics do you think to be included in this curated list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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