To live one’s life to the fullest a person should be fit. Hence, people are moving towards a healthy lifestyle by choosing healthier and natural food habits nowadays. The demand for healthy food products is also increasing rapidly.

An easy way to enhance your health is by being physically active. We have collated some of the inspiring fitness resources which will help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Top 15 personal trainer websites that rock in 2019

Below are some amazing websites that will teach you everything you want to know about health and fitness.

1. Girls Gone Strong

Girls Gone Strong fitness website

Girls Gone Strong is a website which gives amazing fitness tips for women by providing information about strength training, nutrition, having a fit pregnancy, women’s health, physical therapy, injury prevention, fat loss, mindset, and much more.

Features we like on this website
  • Attractive seamless layout
  • Good architecture
  • Quick ‘email us’ section in all pages
  • Simple pre-register section that asks for minimal details
  • Good use of colors
  • Free handbook to attract leads
  • Shop section for cross-selling products

2. Roman Fitness System

Roman Fitness System is a personal training center which provides guidelines, strategies and even workouts for various fitness requirements of people.

Features we like on this website
  • Informs users about the services in its first fold
  • Good number of articles to support business
  • Users can clearly understand what to expect
  • Professional layout with good use of colors

3. Summer Tomato

Summer Tomato fitness experts


Summer Tomato is a company which teaches you how to become healthy and how to lose weight without dieting.

Features we like on this website
  • Neatly laid out UI with the category of visitors in mind
  • Subtle use of colors and graphics to complement the text
  • Collection of emails and names in the first fold
  • Lot of articles that includes podcast, videos, and images to keep the visitor engaged
  • Good reading experience

4. Bayesian Bodybuilding

Bayesian Bodybuilding personal trainers

Bayesian Bodybuilding is an online coaching website which educates fitness enthusiasts. They also provide paid ‘online personal trainer certification course’ and ‘online coaching classes.’

Features we like on this website
  • Free email courses offered in the first fold
  • Black and white layout to attract the male audience
  • Good collection of blogs in sections like seminar, body training, recipes etc.
  • Online course explained in multiple languages
  • PT course page that clearly explains the course with a video.
  • Coaching page which clearly explains who will benefit from it

5. On The Regimen

On The Regimen Fitness websites

On The Regimen is an online fitness coaching website which provides diet and fitness training to improve your life physically and mentally.

Features we like on this website
  • Simple header with a powerful CTA
  • Lots of ‘before and after’ pictures for inspiration
  • Online coaching page that explains what to expect
  • Many testimonials from clients explaining how they got fit with the trainer’s help.
  • ‘Start here page’ – A place which acts as a guide to the whole website.

6. Fat Burning Man

Fat Burning Man fitness trainers

Fat Burning Man gives advice to people on how to reduce fat by providing fitness coachings and diet guides as well.

Features we like on this website
  • Attractive offers upon email address submission in the first fold.
  • ‘How to’ articles and videos to keep the user engaged.
  • ‘Before and after’ images increase authenticity.
  • Quiz to make your first step
  • Rewards and credits highlighted on the website.
  • Attractive recipes to help people stay fit.

7. Body Building

Body Building online fitness

Body Building is an online fitness store which offers training and diet. They provide fat burning and muscle building tools and techniques.

Features we like on this website
  • Sleek banner which explains what’s hot in the store/website.
  • Clean categorization in the first fold for user guidance
  • ‘What’s your goal area?’ to take you to the right plan
  • Good shopping experience
  • Detailed blogs
  • Community page with engaging content.

8. Smashfit

Smashfit online fitness website

Smashfit is a fitness training center which focuses on physical activities, mental and emotional sides of the people.

Features we like on this website
  • Steps to guide you to begin fitness journey on the homepage
  • Testimonials on the homepage
  • Album section with motivational photos

9. Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness physical trainer website

Nerd Fitness is a fitness coaching center where they focus on fixing the mindset of the people to build healthy habits. They provide training for yoga, karate, weight lifting, frisbee and more.

Features we like on this website
  • Lively website with a cool first fold to keep the friendly tone
  • Good amount of before and after pictures to motivate the user to join the fitness program on the website
  • Private coaching options
  • All courses listed on one page to get good information
  • Good community page which has almost everything about fitness

10. 12 Minute Athlete

12 Minute Athlete physical trainers

12 Minute Athlete is an online fitness coaching center. They even provide an application through which people can work out at their home with their body weights or a few basic pieces of equipment.

Features we like on this website
  • First fold of the homepage has video
  • Neat architecture
  • Workout model for the demonstration in each page
  • Delicious list of recipes
  • Attractive workout programs

11. Robb Wolf

Robb wolf fitness websites

Robb Wolf provides you with a healthy diet plan, fitness plans, and weight loss activities. They clearly explain in their website about what diet must be followed and the benefits of following it.

Features we like on this website
  • Warm and clean UI
  • Podcast on the first fold increases the user engagement immediately when one lands on the document
  • Quiz section in the first fold to increase curiosity and to show the expertise in a given area
  • Blogs are written in a detailed way with proper balance in images

12. Fit Bottomed Girls

Fit Bottomed Girls physical trainers

Fit Bottomed Girls is an online training company which offers several guides on fitness, diet plan, and so on. This coaching is meant for both women and men.

Features we like on this website
  • UI elements are looking friendly and handmade
  • Separate categories in the home page for fitness, mamas and zen
  • Lots of articles to help the users
  • Email course for 5 days which is free – a give away to attract the users
  • Coaching section that’s free and ranges up to $199
  • Warm and spacey UI for a clean user experience

13. Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark’s Daily Apple fitness website

Mark’s Daily Apple is an online education company which trains people via their blogs. They research the terms required by the people and answer them through rich blogs.

Features we like on this website
  • Well-laid architecture
  • Free fitness ebook in the pop-up
  • Success stories on the homepage
  • Free webinar section in the home page
  • Clear and descriptive menu

14. Strongfirst

StrongFirst online fitness

Strongfirst is a fitness training company which offers training, courses, and certifications. They teach both men and women to reach a great level of strength quickly and safely.

Features we like on this website
  • Courses and certifications listed on the first fold
  • Hovering featured images on the homepage
  • Online shopping facility
  • Useful real-time articles by fitness models
  • Photo albums of the events

15. Born Fitness

Born fitness physical trainer

Born Fitness educates people through their blogs. The website will help you to identify the best diet, exercise, workouts, and strategies to look better and lead a healthy life. They include various tips from professional trainers and nutritionists.

Features we like on this website
  • Motivational video in its first fold
  • Responsive Q/A section
  • Online prime book purchasing fold
  • Retreat section with ticket booking functionality.

Top 10 Instagram & Youtube Fitness Influencers to Inspire You

1. Calum Von Moger

Calum Von Moger - Fitness influencer

In 2010, Calum Von Moger won his first bodybuilding competition in Victoria, Australia. After that, in 2011 he won the title “Jr.Mr. Universe” in NABBA Junior International championships. In 2014, he was awarded “Mr. Universe” by The World Fitness Federation.


2. Heidi Somers

Heidi Somers - Women fitness influencer

Heidi Somers was a homeopathic doctor which helped her to learn a lot about the human body. She then became an ambitious pro bikini competitor and started her own website called BuffBunny where she offers apparel and fitness plans for visitors.

3.  Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin- Women fitness influencer

Michelle Lewin, is one of the biggest stars in the fitness industry. In 2012, she became the Latin queen of fitness scene. She was on the cover of over 30 magazines.

4. Chris and Heidi Powell

Chris and Heidi Powell - Couple fitness influencer

Chris and Heidi Powell are real-life couples. Chris Powell is the trainer and transformation specialist from ABC’s series “Extreme Weight Loss.” They travel to many countries and motivate overweight people using their innovative techniques.

5. Meg Gallagher

Meg Gallagher - Women fitness model

Meg Gallagher has gone to Arnold Pro Raw Challenge and USAPL Nationals 2015-2017. She has been invited to participate in lifting exhibitions, seminars all over the US. Her scores in 2017 USAPL Nationals resulted in 9/9 performance, hitting 137.5kg squat, 77.5 benches, 182.5kg deadlift, and 432 wilks score.

6. Jeremy Buendia

Jeremy Buendia - The fitness influencer

Jeremy Buendia is a bodybuilder who positioned 2nd in the Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique class on 2013. After that, he continuously earned Men’s Physique Olympia title in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

7. Jen Selter

Jen Selter is an American internet celebrity and fitness model. She attracted the attention of the media with her appearance at a young age on Instagram. As of May 2018, Jen Selter has 12 million followers on Instagram.

Jen Selter fitness model

8. Ulisses JR

Ulisses JR is a seasoned and conditioning professional who has worked with a number of celebrities. He has been voted fitness icon and master trainer and directed the personal training department of Reebok club London. He has appeared in several health publications like Men’s Health, MuscleMag, etc.

Ulisses JR personal trainer

9. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Dwayne ‘The Rock Johnson’ - fitness model

Dwayne Johnson is the greatest professional wrestler. He gained mainstream fame in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) from 1996 to 2004. He is an eight-time WWF/WWE Champion, two-time WCW/World Champion, two-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, and a five-time WWF Tag Team Champion. He is the sixth Triple Crown Champion in WWE and won the 2000 Royal Rumble. Now he is a famous actor.

10. Rich Roll

Ricjh Roll - Fitness influencer

Rich Roll won the Ultraman World Championship in 2008 and 2009. He was the first vegan to complete the 320-mile uber-endurance event. Among the top 10 males, he is the 3rd fastest American with the 2nd fastest swim split.

Best 3  Fitness & Gym WordPress Plugins

Plugins provide additional features and it is important to have them if you have websites that are designed in WordPress, Blogspot or any other platform. Plugins can boost the technical background of your website and it will help you to upgrade your fitness website.

1. Weight Tracker

Weight Tracker is a plugin which helps you to track the weight, body measurements and more. Users can set targets and modify the records which are displayed in charts, tables, shortcodes, and even widgets. This plugin has a rich user interface feature which helps the fitness trainers to interact with the users.

2. Meal Planner Pro Recipes

Meal Planner Pro Recipes is a plugin which helps you to create recipes according to your requirements. It has a wide range of features, functionalities and it is easy to use. This plugin is Gutenberg compatible which is a major advantage.

The availability of fitness plugins is quite low in WordPress. As per our research, the functionalities are not up to customer expectations hence the ratings and usage are low.

The fitness industry is growing rapidly and hence the requirements of plugins, themes, and websites are increasing. At SmallBusinessWeb, we offer website development services , web design services which meet your expectation. If you want to extend the functionality of your fitness websites, you can get help from our professional plugin development service providers at ColorWhistle. We also provide logo design services as well.

Shocking statistics from the fitness industry

According to IHRSA the global healthcare industry revenue totaled $87.2 billion in 2017, as more than 201,000 clubs served 174 million members.

Fitness club count and membership

  • The U.S leads all markets in club count at 60.9 million and membership at 38,477, respectively
  • Brazil is second in club count at 34,509
  • Germany is in the second position in the number of members at 10.6 million

Fitness Revenue

  • The U.S leads all markets in revenue with $30 billion.
  • Germany is in second place with $5.6 billion.
  • The United Kingdom is in third place with $5.5 billion.

“I believe that the greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you” – Joyce Meyer

Hope the blog takes you to the track of fitness. Make use of all these healthy resources. If you are inspired by these resources and want to start your own fitness website, our professionals at Small Business Web are happy to guide you. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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