How to Build An Amazing Personal Trainer Website From Scratch: 7 Simple Steps

Are you starting your career as a professional trainer? Are you a professional trainer looking forward to developing your business?

Selling a personal training service differs a lot from ancient ways. In the past, you will have to build a friendly personality to make customers hire you. They will have to meet you, like you, and then finalize your service.

In today’s digital age, establishing a strong online presence is no longer a simple process. With people relying heavily on the internet, it’s essential to build your website from scratch and make the most of the online world. Our Small Business Web Development Services are here to help you create a robust and effective online presence tailored to your unique needs and goals.

“Did you know? 88% of people trust online reviews as much as they believe personal recommendations”

Thus, creating an online space via your website is a wise choice of getting into the competition. Read this blog till the end and grasp all required information to build compelling personal trainer website.

1. Selecting Your Domain

If you have a domain name in mind, the next step is to get registered. Choose a domain hosting provider and search for the exact match of ‘.com’ version of your business name. For example, if GoDaddy is your hosting provider and your business name is Michael Joshua Personal Training then, the domain can be like If the domain name already exists, make a list with different combinations and try for alternatives.

Personal Trainer Website Domain (GoDaddy) - SmallBusinessWeb

Tips while trying alternative domain names:

  • Stay away from confusing domain extensions. ‘.com’ is a better choice and can be easily remembered by the audience
  • Avoid using hyphens ( as it may spell mouthful
  • Avoid using numbers (,
  • Do not use complex words ( that are hard to remember

2. Purchase Your Web Host

You are now ready with a domain name for your website but, you need a place to store all your website’s content. A web host is a special computer (server) which provides technologies and services for website or webpage to be viewed and accessed via the internet. There are a lot of web host providers like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, and more. Choose the best one among these and get started.

Tips to choose web host providers:

  • Grab a free domain as most of the host providers offer a free domain while you purchase hosting from them
  • Find out a free email address provider who can offer you a professional email address like ‘’
  • Go with an unlimited bandwidth provider as your website’s traffic may increase anytime

3. Install User Friendly CMS

Now, you will be having your domain name and hosting provider. The next step is designing your website. You can design your website with the help of Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, etc. There are a lot of options available, but most of the websites choose WordPress as their CMS.

If you decide to choose WordPress, make sure to use and not (blogging platform with restricted functionalities). The reason behind choosing is, it is free software and you can gain complete control over your website.

You can use your CMS by installing it into your hosting account. The installing process can be done with the help of your web host.

Personal Trainer Website CMS (WordPress) - SmallBusinessWeb

4. Find Attractive Website Theme

A theme decides the complete look and feel of your website. It includes color scheme, layout, fonts, and many other elements. After installing, WordPress itself will provide you with a default website template that suits your personal training website. But, avoid using default theme as it can be used by most of the personal training websites.

There are a lot of themes available. Browse for a stunning theme and install it via admin panel. You can gain access to the admin panel by browsing ‘’ (use your business name instead of ‘michaeljoshua’). Click here to learn the installation procedure. Now you will have control over all features. For more resources take a look at ‘Best Fitness Websites and Resources of Personal Trainer’ blog post and start building your website.

The logo is an important factor in a company’s brand and has a great impact on the customer’s perception. It can be created as soon as you decide on your company name. But, this step would be easier after choosing your theme. Because you would have referred other trainers website and have a rough idea on how a fitness logo should look like.

Your logo serves as a visual embodiment of your brand, finding its place on your business cards, websites, stationery, and even in email signatures. Consequently, investing effort into crafting a flawless logo design from the start is crucial. With our Small Business Logo Design Services, you can ensure your brand is represented perfectly from day one, eliminating the need for future changes

Personal Trainer Website Logo (LogoWhistle) - SmallBusinessWeb
  • Hire a professional designing expert to create your logo
  • Give a detailed description to the designer about how your logo should look like
  • Ask for feedback from others and add it to your logo
  • Get the design in two file formats (Photoshop (.psd) or Illustrator (.ai)). This can help you in modifying your logo in future
  • Get images saved as .png because it has a transparent background with smaller file sizes. It can help your website load faster.

6. Use Professional Photos

Display your professionalism via your photographs. You may save money if you click photos via your smartphone. But, how do those pictures look on your website? For example, assume that you are selling a car. Definitely, you will assure to display the car neat and clean in front of the buyer. Likewise, you have to express yourself as a professional trainer in front of website visitors.

Find a professional photographer who may charge reasonable rates and grab perfect clicks of yours. Make sure you don’t include any stock photographs as they are generic and they do not express any authentic messages about you and your services.

7. Must Have Website Pages

Now, you are in the step of adding content to your webpage. Create a webpage (Click here to learn the process of creating a WordPress page) and add the below must-have pages to your website.

Personal Trainer Website (Bayesian) - SmallBusinessWeb
  • Home: Homepage is the first page displayed when visitors open your website. So, include your perfect professional photograph, a tagline that clearly explains your service, and a call-to-action
  • About: About page describes your professional experience and the entire information of your growth in the industry. Make sure to answer this question, ‘why you are suited to serve your target audience?’.
  • Services: Be specific. Add all the services you provide, benefits received by the clients by hiring you, a specific group of audience you serve, and the cost of hiring you. Adding testimonials will add value to your service page.
  • Contact: ‘Contact me’ is the perfect page to get connected with your audience. Make sure to communicate with them. Never ignore any of the queries you receive.


By installing your WordPress, you can run a successful website in no time. But, to make your website stand ahead from the competition, do install some WordPress plugins and make use of it.

There are a lot of free plugins and paid plugin versions as well. A lot of simple tasks can be performed by free plugins but, for advanced feature, grab a pro plugin. We have listed some of the useful and free WordPress plugins below that will serve you better to build personal training websites.

  • Email Capture: WP Email Capture
  • Social Sharing: Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons
  • Payment Processing: Stripe Payments
  • Workout tracking: CF Whiteboard
  • Nutrition calculator: Build A Meal

Understand the requirements of your website and include all the necessary plugins and make your website a stunning one. If these plugins do not meet your needs do reach us. At SmallBusinessWeb, we develop custom websites and plugins.

Which is your favorite personal training website? Any suggestions? Drop us a line in the comment box!

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